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  1. how much is ground clearance on mercedes c class C250CDI. I guess pretty much same. I have taken ride of B-class. I did not see any problems on ground clerance - may be because it was in new bombay palm beach road.
  2. Hi all, i am new this website. so hi to everyone. i read lots of official reviwes on the website and thought of joining. i live in mumbai. i am looking to buy premium class budget 40laks. budget is not issue. my parents have problem getting in and out of ford fiesta. they often struggle a lot and leg space is less. even my knees are paining if i drive fiesta for more than 2 hrs. i guess i need a car which has high sitting. but i cant buy santafe or fortuner or pajero because my parents wont be able to climb inside. so i tried b class first because i could buy mercedes on lease and no need to pay downpayment for leasing. i check b class with my wife and father seprately. wife found it not impressive as compared to audi q3. father foud it comfortable to sit inside. i found b class was not boring i would say its matured vehicle. not fun to drive butcomfy. i found it fit for use. then i tried audi q3. it was not much impressive. volvo v40 was fun to ride. i fell in love but my wife complained to ingress/egress inside vehicle. so i check freelander. this is completely manly vehicle. i am not a fan of audi or bmw. i found bmw like swelled up beefed up car and audi is not even in comparison to volvo. so now question is what to buy.