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  1. Thanks all for views!! Durango -- Cruze is doing very well & i am very pleased with it. Though my dad uses it more & more now & one of the reason why i am looking for vehicle for self Creates more issues after you move from a vehicle like Cruze, you tend to look for performance from every vehicle Guys, have had enough of Innova after owning 2 already & yes for sure i don't have money to splurge on Merc's too As for Xylo as i said i don't like its look at all!! Endeavour was one option i looked at but the rear seat was very bumpy for the size of the vehicle I was told that Captiva has some heavy Maintenance bills after initial 30K odd & also its resale value is pretty sad. Seems like i will have to wait to see how Santa Fe turns up & at what cost.
  2. Hello Everyone! Writing today as am facing a very peculiar problem. I am in market to buy a car/SUV/MUV which can take my family of 6 around comfortably!! Basically need something which is comfortable & good performer (preferably Diesel) as my driving is heavy (around 3K/month) & i drive on my own. Some facts :-- Having owned the Innova (actually 2) previously, clearly sidelined the same & totally not in favor of the Xylo (don't like the looks at all) Endeavour -- The family was not comfortable with last row due to the elevated floor & also being bumpy in the back Fortuner -- Another option which has gone out of contention due to LONG waiting periods (Intending to buy within this month or max next month) Santa Fe -- Not sure if a hyundai at 22+ lakhs is worth it? Yeti -- Though a 5 seater but can use the back space provided it is worth the space BMW X1 -- Will not be around till December So Plz help suggest what will be the best bet for me. Budget was around 20 Lakhs odd. Can wait till next month but not in a position for indefinite waitvineet2010-09-11 15:57:06
  3. Was speaking with a BMW dealership guy & he suggested that BMW will launch the X1 in Oct to block the launches from other manufacturers & the deliveries will start from Dec only As per him the cost will be between 25-29 Lakhs On Road Delhi (2 models expected)
  4. Then the only logical way left is to search for the contact details of the Head of Hyundai sales & Spares for West (As Pune based) and also send a mail to the head office of Hyundai India. You can always find decent details about the Key people & their contacts on Net & that as per me; should be your next step to escalate Having said this i am very surprised at the issues, one of my uncle also has a I10 auto which he bought after having used the Maruti one & he has been one of the most satisfied user. This seems like a piece issue which could be deliberate by the dealer who sold the vehicle.
  5. vineet

    Hyundai Avante

    what was surprising was that Autocar showcased this as coming in Aug 2010. Seems to unrealistic for me as the biggest market for this car ideally is US & EU and Hyundai has not launched this there & doing so here before????
  6. vineet

    Hyundai Avante

    Was scouting around on some indian websites & came across varying information. Dont Know which one is right
  7. Was watching the AutoCar show & was surprised to hear in the sector update that Hyundai Avante is to be introduced in India in August 2010 Was this as Typo of Date or is this true? For sure if this happens then it would be one of the smartest car in its segment in India & i see Hyundai taking the first pot shot on Suzuki (till they launch Kaizashi) Plz help correct my understanding & also the facts is anyone is in position to confirm!!
  8. Honda is testing a high capacity diesel engine in a European Accord mule around Noida Expressway. I saw the same yesterday but the driver spotted me following it & got off the expressway. Apologies could not take pics but was surely the EU spec Accord (Because of shape, lights etc) & was having the Red number plate that Honda uses for all test cars around their factory in G Noida. The car was surely high powered basis the pickup & grunt. Note
  9. Amazed at the way Skoda is behaving!! In todays world where Co are willing to offer 3 year cash less Maint, skoda is hell bent on fleecing customers They should focus on a image correction drive if they want to survive a market where soon they will face heat from Corolla Diesel, Cruze (is laready there) & in house competition from Polo Sedan. Skoda; incase you are reading -- Why dont you start with something like 3 year free maint (Aka Chevorlet) of your own?? All it requires "Confidence in your own product"
  10. Dont know when Hyundai India realise that they CANT take indian Consumers as granted!! One realtime example is Honda as a case study. Hope HMIL come out of their slumber; Sooner than Later. Car like this could do wonders to their portfolio & sales & showcase something that Maruti has realised now (With Kizashi Impending); to capture the other end of spectrum too which was till very recently assumed as not significant
  11. Hyundai has launched this for under 20K in US. With Pheata 4 engine this is a beauty with looks of Genesis & heart of I10. Is there any news about this coming to India?
  12. vineet

    BMW X1

    Is anyone aware of the time line for X1 to actually be made available? I know it might not be the right forum but another car for which i was surprised to read the Launch date as Feb was; Kizashi!! Is it true or is it another oblivion?
  13. Toyota India said its operations will not be impacted by the company's plan to suspend sales of eight models in the US over faulty accelerator pedals. A section of industry analysts though felt that there could some "negative sentiment" in the short term Toyota who is the world's biggest automaker said it will suspend US sales of eight models
  14. Hi Everyone Anyone has any idea if VW has any plans to import or manufacture (Highly unlikely) these cars in India? Golf GTi Eos Tiguan Had heard about tiguan about a year or so ago but have seen no action on that till date. Is it just another story per say or does it merit any truth?
  15. For sure i will be there. Booked myself as a corp visitor for 7th thru AutoExpo site. Will share whatever i note with all!!
  16. Not every car on road is perfect, same is the case with Cruze too!! Pro
  17. Guys plz go thru this link for ref to Cruze. This is courtsey Overdrive The Chevrolet Cruze has achieved new standards on the safety front by scoring the highest points in the Euro NCAP test. The Euro New Car Assessment Programme (NCAP) provides realistic and independent assessment of the safety performance of cars. The Cruze achieved 16 points in the frontal impact test and 8 points in the side impact test along with a total score of 79 out of 100 points making it the first car ever to get a clear five star rating. The top three scorers of Euro NCAP with five star rating are the BMW X1, Chevrolet Cruze and the Citroen DS3. The Chevrolet Cruze, Opel Astra and Volkswagen Scirocco also scored the top spot since they have headrests and seats that offer good whiplash protection. The Cruze had previously achieved a five star rating in the Australian NCAP and China NCAP as well.
  18. JimGeo; i asked a quest & got a decently worded answer from SG Sir. In all fiarness your comments don't sound in right spirit. SG Sir thanks for the answer & well appreciated! I asked this as saw a huge hoarding trying to publicize this in Noida. Also saw something on same line being hugely publicized in UK about a month ago. Seems like this was a big craze in UK for now as people were getting it done by paying around 10GBP each time.
  19. Guys the issue is more of Wobbling which is due to wheel balancing. This could have been done by any Wheel balancer locally. What impresses me the most is that Chevy is willing to own such a small issue too!! I personally dont know many who drive above 100 in metros. It is far & few inbetween like me who have facilities like Express highway to enjoy The true charm of the car comes in when you drive it on speeds excess of 100. You come to know of the true pedigree of stonker of a engine under the hood. I have done upto 180 & have enjoyed it to core. Am sure there are others who can & will do higher speeds as the car is well equiped too!!