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  1. i am sorry this is not S101, S101 is a small MPV under 4meters 6people sitting capacity the one u spotted is the new generation, monocoque Bolero
  2. I could differentiate the Car from the Scorpio and Mahindra's S-101 Mule's due to the following points : 1. Tail Gate mounting of spare wheel was higher than Scorpio and a bit offset as in Bolero 2. The SUV was accompanied by a Scorpio and Quanto Mule, it was longer than Quanto but Smaller than Scorpio 3. Front Grill was curved with the traditional Mahindra grill, reminiscent of XUV 500 4. Scorpio mules had only the front and rear camouflaged as its a facelift but this SUV was completely covered with rear tail lamps similar to first generation Scorpio and Skinny tires as of Bolero Maxx
  3. New Mahindra Bolero Spotted for First TIme in India Sorry for the bad picture taken from my mobile