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  1. Thanks for your feedback 'vikky1971'. point noted.
  2. Thanks everyone for your response (especially Hitlerinlove ) for taking time out and explaining things in detail. I am looking to use the car for 80% city use; I will start taking it to highways once I get well versed in driving. I visisted a Suzuki showroom recently, the salesman suggested me to go with a Swift VXI instead of ZXI, as he says top end model will not be of much use to me because of my driving limited to city (speeds of 40 - 60 kmph), as ABS is meant for higher speeds on highways. The same for rear defogger, as I stay in Delhi, and it fogs here only for 20-30 days in a year. 2- If I go for a VXI, I get to customize it with cool gear. I am thinking of adding a Sony Disc player with 4 JBL speakers get a reverse senser Alloys Seat cover spolier Please give your suggestions. Thanks.
  3. Hello everyone, So, Finally I am all ready and excited to buy my first car. I need guidance on which one to select. The cars I have in my mind are : swift ZXI Swift ZDI i10 grand Ford ecosport Trend Petrol ford ecosport trend Ambience The budget I am going with is 5 - 7 lakh. Swift, I am aware is a stable option, as this car has proved itself in the whole world (and not just Indian market). I am confused about Ecosport and Grand i10. My focus is to own an amazing car with reasonable cost of ownership. (.. Again I have heard Ford cars go heavy on pocket when it comes to maintance etc...) 1- My current driving will not be more than 10kms every day. 2- I can go for ZXI, but I have heard ZDI has a lesser depreciation than petrol model. 3- Shoudl I go for a diesel model or a petrol one ? Please suggest. Thanks.