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  1. Just to update, I booked a blue Celerio VXI finally due to GC issue of Figo and battery issue of Grand i10.
  2. I took a test drive for both Figo diesel titanium and Celerio VXI AGS (as Celerio manual was not available) driven by sales person. There is a speed breaker at the entrance of my apartment which is big for testing. I got all the seats full inside both vehicles during test drive. The road I took was intentionally not good for most of it. I am just pointing out the negatives here - Negatives for Figo - It scraped the breaker at my apartment while going and while returning as well. Negatives for Celerio - It did not absorbed the bumps and passed it on to us which makes me feel that for 35 kms of daily run, it makes some difference everyday. I will be driving full car atleast twice a month. I have two more points that I found about Figo which may prevent GC issues - First, the Figo Titanium I test drove was 30kgs heavier then Figo EXI. Second, I read that inflating tyres more than the general pressures when planning for full car trips might help. Is someone having experience with solving the figo clearance problem with all seats occupied? Any suggestions would be helpful.
  3. Thanks to all for suggestions. I am going for a TD this week for both of these car but will most likely get Celerio vxi manual (readily available) based on inputs I have got here. Last few questions - can it be considered that the initial price difference does not matter much because for 70k difference the Figo has better quality inside-out as per the reviews I went through (correct me if this is wrong)? And the maintenance difference is paid by savings on diesel. Is Figo's more premium than Celerio? I just want to kick one of these two out of my mind fully, thats why few more questions. Thanks
  4. Thanks to all. I will most likely to go with Celerio. Any one had experience with both can comment on the Comfort of driving. Just a small correction, Figo EXI is middle variant with music system which is not there in the Celerio VXI (although dealer will get it done).
  5. Can someone please suggest me out of Celerio Vxi And Ford Figo diesel EXI (removed Grand i10 magna diesel from my list due to battery problems people have reported)? The onroad price difference is around 70K. My monthly running is around 900kms or more and I am looking for car that gives more comfortable drive. I will be having the car for around 5 years so not concerned much about the resale value. Maintenance is a concern but I think the savings done due to lower diesel price will pay for it. Please provide your suggestions. Also tell me your choice at the end Please! It will surely help me in deciding. Thanks