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  1. Check out the maruti ciaz.It is cheaper than the honda city too buy as well as to maintain it.
  2. the xuv has breaking broplems but the brakes dont fail but they get faded after some rough and tough use and the abs system is responsible for it.This was my friends feedback who is using a XUV for the last 2 years.
  3. Xuv is a soft roader and filled with features but the scorpio is a full blown tough suv with ladder on frame chassis.Comfort wise the Xuv is best except the last row of seats which is cramped compared to the scorpio but the front and the middle row seats are very comfortable.My advise go for the XUV.
  4. I have spoken to hondas call centre.they said they will be looking into the matter asap.let me see if i get a good response,if its unsatisfactory then i will surely move to consumer court.Thanks a lot.
  5. Sorry for the late reply.No man it is maxing out at 34 kilometers per litre that too when driven efficiently 85% of the times.Till now my scooter has covered 2347 kilometers but there is no improvement at all.
  6. Thanks man after your suggestion i tried this thing yesterday itself in the service centre while giving it for 3rd servicing and the scooter ran for only 3.2 kms. .The authorised service centre is not at all cooperating with me and is now telling that the engine will get set after 4000 km.
  7. maruti should also give the ciaz exhaust pipes integrated into the rear bumper.otherwise the design of the car is not at all appealing in real life.
  8. The car looks so dumb.From the front it looks quite similar to the nissan juke.
  9. Seems like an assembled car just like an assembled computer.
  10. Nice.Mahindra should bring AMT in the Xylo also.
  11. HYUNDAI should change the alloy wheels design and give the car a nice automatic transmission like the 6 speed torque convertor which does duty in the elantra.The 4 speed automatic was so very bad,i think even the diesel version should come with the 6 speed automatic so that it can compete the Volkswagen vento automatic(diesel) and Skoda Rapid automatic(diesel).
  12. Looks good,but hyundai should improve the handling of the car by adding an anti roll bar because the height of the car will get increased by few centimeters which will lead to a lot of body roll.
  13. Thanks for your reply,i drive it for only 5 kilometers daily,that too in a very efficient manner with linear acceleration.but till now i have managed maximum milege of 32 kmpl.i get it serviced from the authorised service centre of honda.i will surely get it serviced in another authorised service centre.
  14. Maruti should offer these alloy wheels in the indian spec maruti swift.The 5 nut alloy wheels look really cool.
  15. This model seems to have a bluetooth enabled audio system,see the steering for the extra set of buttons.Maruti could have changed the instrument cluster with the one which is available in the japanese and uk spec models.
  16. can anybody help me..i have a 7 months old honda activa and i get a milage of 30 kmpl.engine oil has been changed and serviced twice.service centre guy tells me the engine will get set after 2000 kms and i have done only 1354 kms till now. please help me.
  17. Hello guys.I am Neelanjan staying in Navi Mumbai ,Maharashtra. I have a 7 months old honda activa which has ran for almost 1350 kms.The problem which i have been facing is low milage in my Activa.I get maximum of 30 to 31 kmpl when it is driven efficiently at 40 kilometers and it drops down to 25 to 27 kmpl if driven in an inefficient manner.The scooter has been serviced twice and the engine oil has been changed but its in vain.The service centre people say that the engine will get set after 2000 kms after i will get above 40 kmpl.Is this normal and is anyone facing a similar issue and is there is a way out for this problem. Thankyou waiting for your reply.
  18. I some how dont like the current design.Hyundai has made the bonnet too long and car looks quite awkward like the BMW 1 series.
  19. A similar incident happened with me.I took my Honda activa to the service centre for 1st service and they recommended an engine oil change and i did it.....When i took it for the 2nd service they again recommended an oil change and when i said no the service centre incharge started threatening me that i will lose the warranty on engine and transmission......i just took my scooter to a regular garage mechanic for asecond opinion ,the mechanic told me that an oil has to be changed in 1000 kms and whereas i had covered only 200 kms between my 2 services.............these are a few cheap tricks manufacturers use to extract money from people.
  20. Hyundai should offer a similar touchscreen system in the verna and elantra.
  21. According to the company the car will feature a 800 cc engine with 35 bhp.............which is quite low...over the NVH will be an issue with such a small engine...............maruti should look at the fiat sourced diesel engines and probably give the car a 1 litre fiat diesel engine that also does the duty in the Chevrolet Beat.
  22. Toyota should give the innova a new engine or atleast tune the engine for some more performance...the current innova engine runs out of breath on the was planning a 2.5 litre engine with 140 horse power for the fortuner...rather than doing that,toyota can plonk that engine in the innova to convince buyers the price it is commanding over the competition.