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  1. Well, its been several weeks since I wrote to Maruti and your advice and there is no reply at all. It means MS is aware of the problem but are unwilling to admit on account of the implications Ameyam
  2. Hi Vikky, I dont rely on MASS- I have a trusted mechanic who looks at the car first and he has also informed that the brakes are "normal". My car has done just 6000km but the brake problem was from the beginning. When I first pointed out the issue, they said brake pads need cleaning. But if brake pads need to be cleaned to work, it makes little or no sense. I had suggested initially to have my pads replaced. No point in talking to MASS here, so I asked my mechanic to do the same. He felt up my brake pads and told me that they had plenty of meat left, so no point changing. Especially in the monsoon I am concerned. On Thursday evenings, it was raining cats and dogs and my car was waiting in a slight puddle. I took her out and started driving, then realised a bus next to me wasnt going to make way and I was driving towards a water logged street side so I braked gently and the car basically stopped in place. I couldnt believe how sharp that was. Then, I drove a bit more and needed to soft brake to reduce my speed and nothing seemed to happen! Concern is that sooner or later, no matter how careful I am, they are going to come in that fraction late and cause me to kiss the car infront. In addition a small issue- at the end of the braking run, there is a grunting sound from the front wheels. It goes like gurk-gurk in the same frequency as the wheel and the frequency reduces as the wheel slows. How come? Its been there for some. Earlier it was there in the left wheel, my mechanic said some spring had lost lubrication and he fixed it. Now it comes from the driver side wheel Ameyam
  3. Hi, I have a 2014 VXI Swift. Since the very beginning, I have felt that the brakes dont work well. Basically, the initial press of the pedal doesnt cause braking. There are two observations- Firstly, usually, in city traffic, we tend to press the brake at with half-clutch to modulate car speed. In this case, the car simply continues to move and doesnt brake well. There is some but very little deceleration. Secondly, I noticed, when I brake from a prolonged cruise, sometimes the brakes dont have the same effect all the time. It doesnt happen every time, just once in a while Now, I know this was a known problem with the Swift in the previous verison but that it was fixed with an ECU tweak. I guess, since my car came recently, this tweak should have been incorporated. I complained about this problem at every service and also intermediately to Sai Service, but they inform that brakes in the car are this way only. At second service, they suggested I drive a Dezire and it had similar brakes. But comparing with another car is not the point. The point is that initial brake bite isint there. Is there a solution to this problem such as rotor / caliper upgrade or pad replacement or something? I have alloy wheels fitted and I noticed that when the brakes are clean such as in the morning or when it has rained, they work really well. Also, final braking- where you press the pedal in hard, is good. So if the brakes dont bite, I press harder and the car stops with a jerk Ameyam
  4. Neeraj, It boils down to cost. My 165 tires have done just 1600km but the exchange amounts I am getting are peanuts. Rather than giving away my stock tires for almost free, its better I stick with them and change just the rims. A 5" wide rim accepts my current tire & takes a 175 wide tire in future. A 185 tire would require a 5.5" rim which would be border line tor my existing tire. So I am thinking of going with the former case Ameyam
  5. I went through that thought process. However, the dealers are offering me paltry sums for my 165 tires that have done just 1600km. In fact a dealer himself told me to stick with the tires I have. Their logic is that once I am through with these tires, I should upgrade to 175 tires on the same width. This will ensure I get the best FE as well as decent handling for a city car and the advantages of alloys
  6. Hi, planning to replace the alloys in my Swift Vxi but keeping the same tires. The tires are 165/80R14. What width of rim should I purchase- they have a 5" rim (meant fo the Celerio but also 14") which I like and also a 5.5" one. Should I buy the former or the later? Ameyam
  7. I believe the manual says that the oil need not be replaced. Just wondering whether I should get it replaced anyway Ameyam
  8. Hi, Bought a new Swift Vxi on Dhanteras and just went through first service on Saturday. MASS informed me that oil and filter change was not required at 1st service (have 800 km on my odo). I am really surprised as engines generate aluminium dust during the break in period (generally 1000km) and I know this stains the oil black. However they told me it is not required. Getting the sneaking feeling that the oil replacement is costed for only once in the service schedule AMC and since I have an AMC with them, they are reluctant to change it. Considering getting the engine & gear box oil replaced from them at my cost. What do you think & any idea how much this will cost? Ameyam
  9. Hi, this is a query for all the long term Honda car owners, especially but not restricted to, Brio owners. How long have you owned your Honda ? In that time have you had any mechanical problems? If you had any mechanical problems was it very expensive to have the parts replaced? Considering Buying a Honda Brio and comparing against the Swift and the Ritz, so these answers will help me a lot to decide Ameyam
  10. Hi, after giving up on my old Wagon R, I have been racking my brains over these three for the last few days. Not getting positive guidance on this another other forum, so posting here. Few points to note 1) Parking on road, space is always an issue 2) Budget restricted. I was at 5 L but I will have to push to buy the Swift. The Brio is only available in S MT variant ex-stock and at the same cost as the Swift 3) Mostly city driving and not everyday. Less than 150km weekly. Want a nice peppy car which is maneuverable and easy to drive for a inexperienced but not novice driver but also gives good mileage 4) Only occassional national highway or express way driving 3) Looking at the Vxi model only. Want power windows, power steering, front disc brakes, music, central locking with remote. Alloy wheels, Electrical adjusted ORVM are not required. 3) Brio's maintainence costs are high I am told 4) Ritz's quirky looks, so I am told resale value will be lower. But many owners swear bu the Ritz. Also , when I checked I found very few low mileage Ritz available in the 2nd hand marked implying that owners are quite satisfied with it 5) The Swift will be a much bigger car than the Wagon R I am used to- both wider and longer by a foot 6) Car should be low maintainence 7) Car should have good road visibility 8) I know the Ritz has a blind spot due to the rear pillars. But I rarely look back while parking, only gauge the distance from the wall on the passenger side. I mostly use mirrors 9) I dont really want to race. I like relaxed peaceful driving I am getting quite confused. Sometimes I feel I should just buy a new Wagon R but I am not sure whether I will be too satisfied with it. Kindly recommend what I should do Ameyam
  11. Dont know about additives but having the injector cleaning done at about 40000km makes a noticeable difference. Maruti recommends doing it at that distance, not sure about number of years. I got it done at the MASS in my preowned Wagon R mostly because I didnt really know when the last service was done and whether any engine cleaning was ever implemented in its 6 years. Its smoother in acceleration since. However, that will still not make a difference in the FE. Try reducing the aircon cooling- just turn the dial so as to let the aircon run at a higher temp. In my car there were two positions in the switch within the blue bar. I got 9.8kmpl at max cooling and then 11.5 or so in the very next week with a lower cooling setting and I am still a learning driver Ameyam
  12. Hi, I have a Wagon R 2008 vxi. Its preowned and I am driving since last November. Two different mechanics & the service center told me that the front suspension needs work. Being a new driver, i cant really tell. But the car does wobble a bit at very low speeds & the ride is a bit noisy in general. My regular mechanic told me the job is not urgent. So my question is, how do i know when its time to update the suspension? Ameyam
  13. I bought and installed Polk speakers. Had to grind off one mounting corner to fit in the Wagon R's egg shaped dash socket. Fits nicely and works very wall. Handles bass very well without distortion. Have a look at this pic
  14. From my own experience, you spend a bit fixing things after you buy a dealer car. The cost of fixing thing easily makes up for the difference in the cost of a dealer car and a true value car. If you are in that thought process, I suggest you wait a month or so till the festive season starts when a lot of people upgrade. You will get a good car then. That being said, dont trust true vale blindly. Find a good trustable mechanic and ask him to help you check, test drive and negotiate the price. For new drivers, a used car is better. It doesnt hurt your heart if you scrape it while you are learning. And the pre-2010 Wagon R has a 1.19l engine which has much better pickup and bears well to a CNG conversion as compared to the later 999cc engines Ameyam
  15. Hi, does anyone have any experience with these speakers. Considering replacing the ones in my dash with these or Polk db401. The Polk are more expensive but I am told they are really good. Ameyam
  16. Should I look at Polk speakers. They are madly expensive but I am told they are really good. Otherwise I need to chose between Pioneer g414 and Sony GTF10382 Ameyam
  17. Had a flat on Sunday. But when I took the spare out, it had bubbles on its side wall all round. The mechanic told me that the spare tyre was unusable. Ultimately we fixed and ran the tyre that was flat in the first place. So, I need a new spare tyre. Should I pick up a brand new tyre or a second hand one from a reliable source? I dont want to replace all four tyres in the monsoon, may be afterwards Ameyam
  18. Well, whatever I fitted in the back are done with. What do I do with the fronts? I could only find speakers from Sony in that size Ameyam
  19. Since no one is replying, I will detail my thought process. My weekly running if I drive to work everyday is about 180Km. That means the annual mileage will be about 9260km. Now, my car is averaging 10km/litre of petrol. So 926 litres will be consumed annually at a cost of Rs 76752 as per today's prices. A CNG kit will costs 35K about and the running cost for the same distance will be atleast half, wont it? So it will pay back in less than an year. However, I haven't driven a CNG car to know how much the power loss is. My car is a 4 cylinder 1.19L engine, so it should handle the conversion better. Also, aren't kits available that start on petrol and then auto switch from petrol to CNG automatically once the car is running? My mechanic doesn't seem to be in favour of making the change for reasons unknown. There is also the loss of boot space due to the CNG bottle Aren't spare tyre size tanks also available? Ameya_m
  20. Hi, my preowned Wagon-R if giving an average of 10 or 11 km/litre. I am a new driver in the highway training phase, so I do drive slower than others and miss gears sometimes. I know that the idle is set high by the mechanic to prevent stalling. This car is petrol so running costs are high. My daily run is about 30-35km. My query is, what is the crossover point to CNG in terms of daily distance travelled? Ameyam
  21. Hi, When replacing the stereo header unit in my car, I was contemplating getting a double DIN Pioneer FH X 3690ui. My concern with this is won't it get stolen? With single DIN the face panel can be removed but with DR this is not possible Ameyam
  22. Hi, Asking this query on behalf of a colleague. He has an Alto 800 with factory CNG. His car is about an year old and just about to complete free service period. He has a particular observation that the brakes aren't sharp when the air con is on. With the air con off they are fine but with it on they are very soft. Also they don't seem to work on quick repeated application. The MASS guy was chattering that these are vacuum brakes and the don't work on quick repeat application as the system doesn't develop vacuum. That just doesn't make any sense. Anyone have any idea regarding this issue ? Ameyam
  23. I am told this is the 2014 version of the 3590UI. Compares spec to spec, no difference. Anyone knows regarding the 3590UI? Ameyam
  24. Can anyone provide feedback on this unit?. Or anyone can suggest alternatives around UK Ameyam