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  1. Hi, I want to ask something about the headlights and taillights. The headlamp has a projector and a reflector. The reflector is only for high beam but what about projector ? I mean projector is only low beam or it is bi xenon i.e. Both high beam and low beam ? And how do they perform on highway/ good are the projector xenons when oncoming traffic is in high/low beam...I mean that if someone coming in high/low beam in halogen lamps...are you able to see the road without any problem in the low beam..? And these Tail lamps are LED for the parking light but the upper part of tail lamps i.e. The part that glows when you press the brake pedal is also LED...?
  2. I visited the site site. Thanks for sharing that Things I wished for my polo I found them in one place. My que- do these parts import from Germany or somewhere I mean originally from Volkswagen ?and If I order them in Bhopal or Indore will they send someone to fit them on my car...? And if I go for some parts like multifunction steering or reverse camera like passat one will they affect my vw warranty..? And would like to thank autocar and navneethsatheesan for sharing this information..and one last que actually request (getting curious) Can u upload some more pics with the projector and the reflector on and some tail lights pics with brake lever pushed down...pls Wanted to see how car looks Getting Excited