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  1. Sorry guys was a bit busy with the month end and all. With your recommendations in mind I test drove some cars and I'm happy to share the experiences with you. 1. Honda City diesel. Excellent car excellent equipment on board, frugal engine and a delight to drive. Cons- Engine is far from peppy. It's the same amaze motor mated to a six speed box. But you can't complain. Car oozes of class and has a snob value no car can match. No offers on the car. 2.Hyundai Verna and the Elantra. Amazing cars. Amazing performance. Elantra had oodles of space and an equipment list guaranteed to blow your mind away. But my budget is for diesel base. Lot less equipment in base. But takes your breath away with the performance. Verna Sx(O) is a real good bargain for price. Cons- Hyundai tag doesn't offer snob value. Back seat on Verna is edgy. Even though it looks futuristic the entertainment system on both cars could use peppier lcd screens. 50000 rs discount + goodies on Elantra and 25000 discount + goodies on Verna. 3. Volkswagen Vento. The handling this car has will drive you insane. Do a curve on 60 you still feel the car planted on the ground. Amazing power delivery. Awesome gear ratios. Equipment on offer on the Highline are standard and cannot be said industry best. cons- Heard an upgrade was coming soon and engine itself is to replaced by a 1.5 unit. So worried I would be stuck with an outdated model. Rumours about really high maintenance costs. I have to believe it's true because my Polo is kinda expensive to own. Offers upto 50000 discount plus insurance and roadside assistance free. Also offered an exchange bonus. Also a finance option with 9%. Will be test driving the bigger ones like Terrano and Duster this week. An owner of Xuv has actually given me thumbs down on the Xuv. But it's still on TD list. I have narrowed choices from the above to Elantra/Vento. Will let you guys know how the bigger ones do and how I take a decision. Thanks a lot to all who replied. Much love.
  2. hr18 thanks a lot. That was concise and to the point. I think I will test drive the elantra. Nithin.kolla I think I have narrowed my choices now. Thanks a lot. Really had great view and expert opinions have helped me narrow down my choices. Thanks again to everyone who replied.
  3. Thanks a lot Dr_nishu. I'm really happy with the Honda City. But I was hoping I could experience a new car or perhaps a new brand . And I'm kinda thinking it would be a repetition if I go for the same brand and the model again. As a car enthusiast I was really hoping for a whole new experience altogether. But looking at all the expert opinion and responses received from this forum I am actively considering the Honda City.
  4. Thanks a ton bhavneet.A lot of people have been recommending the new Honda City. I think I may take a look. I would also like to see a review of the Terrano by someone who owns it.
  5. I am a businessman. I own a Honda City ZX (GXi) 2008 model. I'm planning to exchange it for a new car preferably a diesel. As i was using an NHC the new Honda city diesel is out of consideration. My uses are daily commute of around 12-20 kms and a weekly tip of 100-180 kms which is primarily ghat section roads. I'm confused if I should go for a sedan like the vento or something to the tunes of Terrano. Please advice me what i should opt and which is suited for my uses as mentioned. I would also love if i had a climate control in the new purchase. P.S I also own a polo TDI Comfortline. I really love the car. But it has a bouncy backseat drive which upsets my parents. Thank You