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  1. hello everyone I'm Peteryang from china,now working in IT field in Hyderabad.I'm driving a swift and want to upgrade my car to a Ecosport.I like Ecosport's good look,but i'm worried about its quality---can this cheap car be well built and trusted?
  2. HI everyone, Im from China, and I like India very much, and also know more about India car market, could you share us some information about auto insurance in India, how many kind auto insurance is there and is there any compulsory insurance in India? In China there is ,every car buyer should buy this insurance. thanks
  3. Highway mileage 19.8 km/l ??? City mileage is ?????
  4. I'd like to know about the Honda fuel consumption´╝înew honda CITY (1.5Diesel) mileage (ARAI) (26kmpl) is that true???
  5. Whats your Budget - Rs 10.00-15.00L Kms driven monthly - 1500kms Bodyshell - Sedan/SUV City/Highway split - 50:50 Max No.of Passangers - ___5__ most of the time Boot space Importance - Medium Usage by - normal/Lady Ownership - City Safety - Medium Thank you very much!
  6. I want to buy a new Honda CITY (the old one is Hyundai Verna), who can give me some advice? Tell me your fuel consumption please!
  7. Honda snob value? I want to know the ranking who can help me ?
  8. I want to know the advantage of the diesel engine, who can tell me?