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  1. I bought a new Vento Petrol car from the dealer in Guwahati in Nov'12. After a few days of driving initially the car started developing noise from all the doors, and also from the front suspension. I took the car to the dealer, who was good enough to pay attention to the problems. However the measures taken by the dealer gave only temporary results. Hence I took the car again to the dealer but no lasting solution could be given by him. I took up the matter with them strongly and also the company, but the only thing they did was to call me again and again. I had written many mails to the company, lodged complaints with their Customer Care, spoken over telephone, but the people only bothered to routinely apologize before me and advised me to contact their dealer again and again. While the dealer and finally company service personnel tried with various trial and error measures, none of these worked permanently and I have been suffering with a noisy car which I have driven for 15000 km apprx till date. As of now the suspension noise seems to be eliminated. So far I have visited them 10-11 times during 1 year and finally after getting fed up I sent them a legal notice asking them to replace me the car. The company again sent me an sms asking me to visit their dealer and their Guwahati dealer again promising me to attend to my problems. I have however refused to visit them this time. Can anyone advise me should I fill a case in the consumers' court for the company selling me a defective car?