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  1. Bi-Xenon are for cars that have the low beam and the high beam on the same bulb. Both have only one light bulb so they would need Bi-Xenon. And just Xenon HIDs are for cars that have separate high and low beams. HID means High Intensity Discharge. In my personal opinion I would rather the Xenon HID because you have separate lamps and some of the you can graduate diferently and have a better vision than Bi-Xenon in which it both would depend on the same lamp angle
  2. Have already ordered and received the shipment of gear knob from http://www.jazzmyride.com/ suggest by the member of some different forum. By the way i was concerning for swift.
  3. Actually i am also concern about the moving away of spare wheels, that why we have to buy a spare wheels from aftermarket for a brand new car.
  4. I am completely fed up with the regular company fitted gear knob in my car, i wish to change it but cannot find some good one in the market, now i decided to order them online but also don't know how to install it. Help!!!!
  5. Spied – Lamborghini Huracan gets unloaded in an Indian airport The lamborghini Huracan was spotted at Mumbai airpot recently, ahead of its market launch which is announced to take place in september this year.
  6. Nissan sunny is best for boot space and value for money because its performance otherwise there can be many other options available into the market.
  7. This machine will be the better competition of available entry level sports bike in India.
  8. Try any good quality coxial speakers of companies like jbl, sony, pioneer etc they will not charge you a lot for better sounded speakers. Else you can order them online to avail some benefits of attractive discounts and get them fit with local market it will also make surety of genuine product and keep you away from the greedy dealers.
  9. Coido tyre inflator are good in their price segment since i found them with the lesser price tags, they consume some 10mins to refill your flat tyre but also must say they are very helpful in case of an emergency. so basically it is a good idea for having a tyre inflator.
  10. How do you comes to know that this is a diesel variant?
  11. Means it is clearly depends upon the kilometers runs, but what with those diesel car which do not used for daily runs. So can we use it on any specific time period basis also?
  12. When diesel injector cleaner is to be used, is there any specific time period for it or does it depend upon the k.m. runs? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U61swhdJHnA
  13. This is just because of rival honda mobilio now they are trying to beat their competition with offering discounts.
  14. Hey guys, i am still unable to find the way to remove the chewing gum from car mats but have installed a car dustbin in my ride for those you used to spit chewing in the car because usually i found it on front passenger seat.
  15. You can use both of them, both car shampoo and wax are products to use. if you are not satisfied with the results of formula 1 then try abro but the fact is they both are equal brands and results are almost same.From my point of view, water beading is not a good thing because if water lands on your car and you are not around to remove it, and then it dries, there is a great potential risk that the water or more specifically, substance in the water and on the surface of your car that mix with the water will etch a hole into your car's paint that you will then have to remove by removing the paint surrounding the hole.
  16. Nice suggestions by librankur and rameshbabu.n but i also find some suggested add on in it -Tyre inflator -Car fridge -Jumper cables
  17. I am using this fantastic looking car perfume with the mind blowing fragrance all the time in my car.
  18. @kuntal I agree with you using a good quality car shampoo is so important than that regular hair shampoos because it is harmful for the body color of car and also its cleaning results are narrow in front of branded car shampoos.
  19. I used to order these stuff online from http://www.jazzmyride.com/ and from my experience in dealing with them says that you may also try this. Due to monsoon season i have also changed wiper blades recently buys bosch wiper blades.
  20. Actually ktm390 has 373.2cc single cylinder, 4-stroke water cooled engine and yamaha r25 is 249cc 2-cylinder, 4- stroke, DOHC 8 valves engine and in Indian market they are going to launched in the near price segment. That is the reason to compare them because both are racing bikes in the same price range.
  21. I dont think it will beat the celerio in its segment due to poor reputation of tata in front of maruti because customers do not trust tata car and also the resale value is much lower as compared to maruti but these are the different aspects. If we are talking about the reliability than also maruti is in front.
  22. IF you guys really expecting the safety with the hatchbacks available in India so i am expecting that you all are aware with the smash test results over the hatchback cars available in India. Otherwise check this link Indian cars fail crash safety tests | Car News | Budget hatchbacks | Autocar India
  23. Reason for this thread is to get maximum reviews over this frequently raised question that whether choosing a top model of the car is the smart decision or should buy a mid or base model then get accessories of it from outside. which involves so many things in it like music system, steering mounted keys, parking sensor, mud flaps, floor mats, seat covers, wheel covers, roof rails, display screen, cup holders etc. mainly i am not talking about the luxury sedans and SUVS here, my targeted cars for discussions are cities hatchbacks which gives only few add on with the large difference of price gap between their range of models.
  24. This machine is much more than a cafe racer ya its true it is the fastest royal enfield with retro cafe racers look. I have ride it 4 times and every times heart says just go and buy this beast. Very powerful with nice pick up and no doubts with mileage. And the best part of it is no close competition because of only available cafe racer bike itself.