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  1. I have checkd above link mentioned by diwakar11. As per shown in that i must say india hatchbacks are failed to give any safety to the driver and passengers, from headlight to driving seat the car body is just finished except polo, which is the only one to pass that test.
  2. As per shown in the video above i think they are even effective in all the seasons because in winters also when people used to drive with the windshield down they are guarding with dust which makes interior dirty and dull.
  3. I think replacing all the wipers and checking all the electricals is a must also cleaning all the drums and break pads can help a alot in breaking. If you have highways driving there are chances that oil contens can also be spliied on your glass along with the water which leave rainbow stains on the front glass to avoid this we can add a shampoo sachet along with water in your so that when ever you shower water the detergent can remove these oil stains