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  1. Hello Autocar, I am reading Autocar magazine from a very long time and now very excited to be a member of Autocar Forum. I am from Kota, but lives in Jaipur. I drive a Hyundai Verna. As a member of Autocar Forum, I'll give my useful contribution to the forum, with the knowledge I have in the field of Automobile. Jain Yash
  2. Synthetic oil offers far more better lubrication than the Mineral-Based oil. Synthetic oil use leads to longer life, more efficiency, enhanced performance for the engine and marginal increase in power(according to some tests). I have read somewhere that Synthetic oils should be avoided when the engine is new and is best used after around 15,000 km. Since your vehicle has done 30,000 km, you should have gone for Synthetic oil in place of Mineral-based oil.
  3. Also check the tires, make sure they have enough tread left, avoid accumulation of dirt under the vehicle. Ensure the vehicle is serviced properly, before going on long trips in Monsoon.
  4. Hello Peteryang I too like the Ford Ecosport, its a fantastic looking car, well built, performs well, but do not expect an SUV like performance from the car. You should go for this car, and go for the top end version of the Ecosport, so that you can enjoy some very interesting equipment that Ford has offered.