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  1. Hi, I am looking for a good GPS navigation device. Am not comfortable with the mobile device. Also very few devices have full India maps and i need it mostly for outstation trips, i.e., road trips or some remote areas. Can you please suggest me the one to choose. Thanks, Asheesh
  2. Hi, There are many threads that we will have uniform road tax across India. Is it going to be a reality anytime soon ? or just a rumour.
  3. Tata seems to have a winner here, but production so less is not going to help. How many of us are ready to wait for 6 months for a vehicle. I doubt ......
  4. Completed the road trip from Bangalore to Bhilai and back. Awesome, and on top of it, return was pleasent weather. Completing the travelogue and will share.
  5. Just tested the Alto K10 Automatic. Sweet little car. Bangalore OR - 480000/-. It cant get better than this. Space is at premium and suspension is nowhere modern but over all i think best value for money. It will eat up A and B class sales for sure. Maruti has a winner.
  6. Thats really nice Venkatesh. Thanks for the comments. Will keep this in mind.
  7. Hi, Am planning to have a road trip from Bangalore to Bhilai (CG). It will be 1350 kms via HYD, NGP. Per my estimation it is doable in 20 hrs flat but in case of a halt can I have list of places between HYD and NGP where i can take a halt. Asheesh
  8. Thanks Kuntal, Bridgestone tyres are hard and over the period of time the ride becomes stiff. In my other cars i had similar experience. I had a Zen that did 1,89,000 and of all tyres i found JK / MRF the best. changemytyre is the best site for ideal situations but BLR has opposite of ideal.
  9. I got everything checked .. as per dealer all is fine. He serviced and cleaned the callipers and sound didnt come for a month or so, but again started. Is it due to awesome BLR roads as have got it checked as 3 authorized service station and every one is of the opinion everything is perfect.
  10. Hi, I have Manza Elan Quadrajet 2012. Done 42000 Kms fitted with stock 185/60 R 15 84 T Bridgestone tyres. Since i stay in Bangalore city roads are worst and highways are good. As a replacement am planning for 195/65 R 15 JK tyres. Kindly suggest if it is a good idea and also how much tyre pressure i should maintain. As of now it is 32 as prescribed. Thanks, Asheesh
  11. Testdrove diesel fiesta. Disappointed. Ford should immediately bring the Petrol Motor. Its a lovely motor.
  12. Today went to VW dealership for third time. I have to tell even sales people are pathetic and this type of experience will move customers away from VW and they will blame indian economy for the same. I asked about an automatic polo and the sales girl told me ... we dont have automatic polo. Then i asked about GT TSI, then she mentioned it will take 4 - 5 months. She was least interested. Earlier in Delhi, we went to VW showroom and asked the sales people about how Vento compares to other cars in segment especially RAPID and the sales person started yelling. VW board should have local experience if they want to have strong foot proint else they will have similar fate like other european companies like FIAT/ Renault (except Duster).
  13. Hi, I have Manza Elan 2012. It is in mint condition with complete service history. However i have a problem, on rough roads ( where speed can be maintained but surface is not good) especially when one of the wheels is passing through bad surface, a wierd noise comes from the front suspension. Authorized Service Center, Local Mech anics, Dealer every body said, its all fine and no problem but when this noise penetrates the cabin it spoils all the fun of driving. Can you please suggest. Thanks, Asheesh