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  1. Dear Vikky after changeing hose i have not found any leakage still running with the same turbo
  2. Thanks All any idea about swift TC manufacturer In case of Honda i think the TC will not doe in 50k kilometers
  3. I don’t thing maruthi service is cheap still now my average service costs are around 5 to 7 k ,In 50 k I have paid 9k for service ,in the same place Etios average service coast will be 2.5 to 3.5 k AS per MASS they is no option to repair Turbo (Change the bush) only replace when things get worst ,and also they are advising that repairing turbo will not give expected result kindly opine . What about approach maruthi for a replacement?
  4. Thanks Leo for your response. There is no chance for poor oil because I will change oil /air filter every 10k kilometers so the culprit is wear and tear in bush since there is no leak from turbo or power loss I can drive as usual till the damage get worse. But I am wondering how come the turbo dies in 50 k kilometers even I am maintaining proper idling before start and stop. Suspects poor build quality from maruthi because when I enquired with friends most of the swifts /Ritz facing same problem after 50 k kilometers. Owning a etios too when comparing the service cost etios costs 1/3 of maruthi .no maruthi in life again . Is it possible to change the bush in turbo from any outside garage?
  5. In my view main disadvantage against competitor are Dashboard Door handles Poor plastic quality
  6. My swift VDI has completed 50000 kilometers. last week I have given that for service. Suddenly around 11 AM I got a call from SA saying that the pipe connecting between turbo and intercooler has a leak and also it has oil deposits due to leak. He is stating that the wear and tear of the oil seal or bush in the turbo results in oil mixed with air and entered into the intercooler also this leads to turbo failure in future but there is no oil leakage outside of the turbo and no power loss. As advised by SA replaced the pipe connecting tube between turbo and intercooler and cleaned the intercooler. I want to be clear with the following queries. 1. Is this is normal? 2. The root cause of this? 3. Is this due to the Wear and tear of the oil seal or bush in the turbo? 4. Is anything wrong with my turbo even there is no oil leak in outside and no power loss? 5. Can I use my vehicle as usual or I have to change the turbo? I have also attached the image of the damaged pipe. kindly advice