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  2. Thanks ameya_m Well, first of all the WagonR I mentioned had LPG+Petrol, CNG ids not available in Eastern India. Secondly, I have already booked a new car- Alto 800 Vxi. I was wondering about the parking sensors,. it seems that a 10k piece with camera would be an overkill. The plain one with digital/LED display is available for 2880/- from MGA. btw, are MGA parts worth of the premium they charge? Please comment. Thank you
  3. Thanks for your reply. I did not get any good affordable one. I got one Petrol+LPG version which was about 8 years old for 1.55L, which I felt quite overpriced and rejected. All the True Value cars and Mahindra First Car are pretty overpriced.
  4. Thank you fellow members and friends. Today I booked Alto 800 Vxi (Blazing Red) and thanks to you for clearing my dilemma. Does anyone here have a custom bi-colored alto800? The dealer told me that they can do a paint job to make my car bi-colored (front and rear bumpers in Silky Silver while the main color remains blazing red) and they would charge about 5000/- for that. Are they quoting me correct price?
  5. Hello friends and fellow members. This is my first post in this forum (not considering the introduction post). Please help me to choose. Whats your Budget - Rs 03.50L Kms driven monthly - 1000 kms Bodyshell - Hatch City/Highway split - 75:25 Max No.of Passangers - ___3___ most of the time (max 5) Boot space Importance - ______ Medium Usage by - __________________normal Ownership - _________________City Safety - _____________________anything Prime requirement - FE/Maitenance cost/Resale/Passenger Comfort Softcorner'd Manufacturer - Maruti Suzuki I am going to buy a car for the first time and I am from Kolkata. I intend to drive the car myself (I am learning to drive). It would bedriven mostly within city but I may take it occassionally out. After a lot of deliberation, I have short listed the following: Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 LXi Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 Vxi Tata Nano Twist Considering the poor feedback I received and low power engine and the price comparison with the other two, I have almost ruled it out. So please help me with the following: 1. Am I right to rule out Nano Twist? 2. Should I go for Alto 800 VXi version instead of LXi for 15k extra? The dealers are really pushing me hard to buy the LXi version and then add a third party music system. 3. What accessories are important to have? I really like the "Parking assistance" with camera- is this a worth buy? (price about 10k). Please help me out. Thank you.
  6. Hello fellow forum members and friends I am from Kolkata and I am planning to buy my first car. I have become a member here to get help in choosing and deciding. Thank you S Roy Choudhury