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  1. Vikky, thank you very much for your post, have found your posts in different forums very informative... Frankly, your post was too technical for me, if its not much of a problem can you kindly exlain in detail so that i can check and get things done in the same way. The thick white smoke has gone down by 90% after the check up with the service center, however would want to understand your point of view in detail. Regards Naga sumanth
  2. Thank you frnds for the suggesstions, @Neeraj : i had the complete check done, they checked the turbo & Intercooler as weel and did say that everything was fine. As you have advised i might have to get the exhaust cleaned up for the carbvon deposits. @librankur : Yes , they have performed all the above mentioned test and advised that everthign is fine, Did advise them that the mileage has gone down but they gave a similar reply for the same. i assume that there might be a problem with Oxygen Sensor or the air filter. its better i replace the air filter and check. Any idea how much will a oxygen Sensor cost and the cost involved in gettign the exhaust cleaned. Thank you friends for your advises...
  3. Hi friends, Need your advise/suggestion I have bought a new Swift VDI in Feb 2011 and it currently has done about 65,000 kms for the last couple of months, the car has been emitting white smoke on ignition and the same continue for about 10 seconds. this possibly might be the reason for drop in engine oil levels by 1 ½ liter for 6000kms. When I recently got this checked in authorized service center they advise that everything was fine after doing a compressor check and etc. The white smoke has come down by 60% after servicing but suddenly the mileage has fallen to 10 or 12kmpl from 16kmpl within city limits, not sure what is happening coz I have always treated my car as my Love and got is serviced at every 8000 to 9000 kms Can you kindly advise as to what might be the reason of such sudden dip in mileage and the white smoke. Appreciate your suggestions on this, thank you