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  1. what will be the quality of music system? touch screen alone does not improve music quality. good quality speakers and amp matters too. touchscreen system must have option for subwoofer output
  2. in the honda city range, which car should one buy so that i dont have to spend on accessories? specially the music system and speakers?
  3. hi guys i saw the ciaz specifications. the touch screen system is fine. but what about the speakers? will they give components? if yes, of what type of cone? will the system be ampliflier and subwoofer compliant?
  4. The chinese edition looks better than the indian edition. Will maruti give components speakers amp touch screen system reverse cam with parking sensors? The indian edition looks dull .
  5. hi guys i have 1 and a half yr old nissan sunny diesel xl, run for about 17000 km. the car is within warranty. the service executive told me that the front lower arms need to be changed. i told yes. but on asking, they informed me that it is not covered under warranty. i asked nissan call center regarding this. they told me that they dont have the information and i should either talk at the service station or consult the manual. i could not understand from the manual whether it is covered under warranty or not. can anyone help me with the on this issue? it will be of great help to me. thanks. :-) dr.basu.