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  1. for a price 6.5lac, i think Zest seems to be the best option. Apart from A.S.S, i am bit concerned about the Revetron Petrol Engine. Any suggestions on the same. will be helpful if seniors give their opinion on the Revetron Engine. Thanks
  2. Hi all, After months of waiting, i have decided on the two options. 1) Xcent Petrol S(O) 2) Zest Petrol XMS Both the cars are coming for On road price of Rs. 6.5 lac. Zest comes with Airbags for this price whereas its service is the worst . Iam actually in two minds whether to go for Zest and take risk on the unknown Revetron engine and poor After sale support or go with proven Hyundai and Xcent. Can you please advise which one to select? My wife is insisting me to buy a car with Airbags. If i hv to go with Xcent, i have to shell out Rs. 7.5 lac atleast for the top model of the Xcent . Please help? thanks Satheesh