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  1. As I understand on this discussion, it appears that Shell procures it locally and sells, then there could be some extra process that is done on the fuel. As they are claiming it to be international quality fuel for motors. They quote: "Unleaded from Shell has been formulated to help prevent the build-up of these deposits, and to help maintain your engine
  2. Does that really makes difference in local purchase? Is Shell not importing dierectly and suppling locally? SS
  3. Hi Would like to really understands if there is any difference that exists between Shell petrol and other brands like HP, BP, IO etc... This was the point that recently got discussed within office with colleagues and that ended in raised rating for Shell Fuel. ---> Does it really gives improved performance? Also learnt that the petrol is more costlier that any other brand. I work in Hinjawadi, Pune and have a Shell fuel station there. Have not seen any other around in the city in Deccan, Kothrud, or nearby area for that matter. The fuel station has hardly any vehicle filling in the fuel. Also learnt that the Shell will not increase the price when other brands are due for price rise. Any comments on this? SS