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  1. Thanks for the advice. I agree with this viewpoint that despite the claim these chains are really a pain to maintain. Manufacturers might want to look into it. Yet, for the kind of performance they provide I think a little bit of care would go a long way.
  2. Dear Members, Hello !!! I have a couple of queries in my mind that have grown over time being in a relation with my bike.How good is an exposed O ring drive chain on bikes ? And what kind of maintenance does it require, especially on a 200 NS ?
  3. Dear Members, Hello everyone and thanks for including me in this ever growing group of petrosexuals . I have a been a huge fan of automobiles and for the past 10 years been following them. I have driven many of them , from a '90s open Jeep to a CAT 100 te Dumper. I have read many magazines, seen many videos by car presenters and enjoyed them thoroughly, but I believe and am sure this platform gives us 'the audience' a chance to pen our stories, share our knowledge & experience. As for my choice of wheels, I am a proud owner of The Pulsar 200NS which I have lived with for 01 year and covered about 12,500 kms. With that, i'd like to once again thank all of you for letting me join and contribute to this forum . Cheers !!!