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  1. Where in mumbai i can get a good purchase.. As I live in Versova-Andheri west area
  2. * I m looking for exhaust tips for my new skoda rapid that would provide a bit larger bass sound when revving up !! Suggestions are welcomed !! * Does Changing the exhaust tips void my cars warranty & will it effect on my milege ?? * What other accessories can be installed on my car ??
  3. Thanks. So what kind of HU & speakers should I opt for ?? What u think about LCD screen
  4. @ goenkakushal. 1. I m confused for the speakers, what to opt for ?? Like should I install speakers on the tray's or on the doors ?? What do u prefer guys ?? 2. In what intervals the Tyres should be changed ?? & if i installed the 15 inch tyres can my warranty be void ?? Do 15 inch tyres and alloys effect on milege ?? @ satar. Yaa sure bro !!
  5. Hey Guys I need some help in buying some accessories for my New Skoda Rapid 1.6 Active... 1. ICE with 4 speakers [budget 15k Max] (I have heard about the Pioneer MVH-1490UB) 2. Sun Film (R.T.O. approved) 3. Alloy Rims [budget 20k Max] 4. Reverse Parking without camera And if anything else can be implemented only if necessary. Suggestions are welcomed. Thanx
  6. alright !! I'll remember about the Friends & This !! thanks
  7. Hey guysdis is "shadowwwclone" New to forums, hope to make new frenz & Get some queries cleared up here !!