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  1. Maruti 800 Starting problem

    My Maruti 800, Carb 1996, engine overhauled two years back. I can start the engine in the morning and in a traffic when the engine is hot. But it is very difficult to start the engine after 10-15 minutes after few miles run. But if I let the engine cool for 1 hours I can start the engine What can be the possible reasons?
  2. Maruti 800 Starting problem

    I've covered the fuel lines with Aluminum foil in order to avoid vapour lock. But still the problem of starting the engine exists.
  3. Maruti 800 Starting problem

    I replaced my radiator two years ago. Water pump too seems to be working fine [AsI open the radiator cap when the engine is running (when warming up), I can see the coolant flowing (thermo valve not installed)]. I suspect there is a overheating issue. So what can be the culprit for overheating if the radiator and water pump are ok?
  4. Maruti 800 Starting problem

    Thank you both. I shall check the components......
  5. Maruti 800 Starting problem

    Fuel pump replaced. Still I the problem remains.
  6. Maruti 800 carb CB point gap

    I own maruti 800 carb (1996) Recently I replaced CB points My technician needs to set the dwell angle 63 degrees but a dwell meter not available. Could someone tell me the correct gap for CB point
  7. Maruti 800 carb CB point gap

    I called the local Maruti agent twice and they gave me two answers. One guy said 0.15mm and other said 0.40mm. Thanks to this forum, at least, now I know the dwell angle should be 63 degrees.
  8. Maruti 800 carb CB point gap

    I did not receive any owners manual when I bought the car. So I downloaded a owners manual which is meant for EFI Maruti 800 and not very useful. Unfortunately I can't find any information related to 1996 model.
  9. Maruti 800 carb CB point gap

    Thanks for the reply. It is not mentioned in the owners manual. Unfortunately I do not have access to a workshop manual.