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  1. The turbo charged version will spank the supercharged version im sorry that just how it is, we'll get power on the fly with the qucik responsive ness of the super charger but the turbo will have more power period.
  2. Oh and sorry I didn't see your PS. I'm trying to boost it because Im 17 and live with my parents and when I use his car to take girls here and there and I wanna make it easier for there cloths to come off. And who doesn't want more power?
  3. I had one and they seem to work! More power and more mpg. My theory is the engine has less work to do because of the extra power. But the two are exclusive! Go easy, more mpg. Drive hard, faster but bye bye diesel!
  4. I have received a very nice sound at the time of accelerating hard. At stable speed plus minor acceleration it is about the same as with unique set-up after changing my air filter. I made use of a K&N (140x100mm) plus solid pipe along with flexible bends. The filter at present ends where the previous box was and acquires a lot of cold air from the frontage and underneath. My motivation to make a choice for the cone K&N was that my attached instrument measured very high IAT , (inlet air temp.) at standard exterior temperatures. It was not the most excellent in terms of performance and was prone to pinking at low revs/high loads. The latest set-up provided much more complimentary rev. and improved gas mileage.
  5. If you struggle to get yer paws clean, how the hell did you get the filter clean in the first place - you did clean it didn't you.?! Try this - Take a decent sized bucket and fill with a couple of inches diesel - Yip use surgical gloves - Remove the filter from the bike and backing ring, put in diesel and wash it by diping and squeezing, do not wring. - Then wash the filter, and your hands, in warm water with any decent soap - such as dishwashing liquid. - Oil the filter and re-install