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  1. All suggestions for a new laptop invited Prerequisites: 1) Preloaded with MsOffice 2) Capable of a little bit gaming In the process kindly also share your laptop details if possible Will love to see what you own Have shortlisted -HP Elite Dragonfly ( slightly older configuration ) -HP Elitebook x360 1030 G4 -ROG Zephyrus G14 -ROG Zephyrus S GX531
  2. Delhi's New EV policy has impressed me Its incentive are over and above the central govt FAME 2 incentive The incentive would be directly transferred within a week Scrapping older vehicles for a new EV would also be incentivized Costs would come down a bit. Gives you the bragging rights where you are scene to be doing something for the environment Setting up a new 3 Phase connection for Kona and ZS EV could be a headache Nexon which is a small car in comparison, with its 12 Amp charging socket takes the cake here Nexon EV ,1000 impressions already produced, ZS EV introductory prices valid till AUG end. Nexon EV making a lot of sense now
  3. It ain't going to be cheap now and This one has an UGLY looking front No doubt then that front grille accessories are already in the market , looks like Mahindra itself has given orders of producing them and giving to its dealers based on the speed in which they were minted 😃 A TUV to drive and a mini Wrangler as some say The 4 door render based on Armada / Bolero, next on cards will be definitely welcomed. That 4 door one with the LX package will make for a sensible buy for a few.
  4. Why no * Thank You * ads in the Newspapers mentioning actual numbers of MG Hector Plus vehicles booked during the booking period that ended recently? Does anyone know about these numbers ? Did anybody see any coverage by any magazine's about the booking numbers of Hector Plus ? No doubt Hector is outselling others in its class but this SECRECY about Hector Plus is making me uncomfortable... Your inputs
  5. News reports of them being offered in a Petrol variant are doing rounds on the internet Tata has a history of either arriving late to the scene or coming early not dressed for the occasion Majority of buyers are opting for Petrol or Petrol Automatics now Hoping they plonk one from the Nexon soon
  7. Summers approaching any suggestions for a 2T 5* Inverter AC Buying this week (before HOLI)
  8. Vehicles can keep running after 15 years of age. What else can you expect from these nut cases. What do you call a scrapping policy that does not mandates you to scrap and does not incentivise you for adopting it I call it crap
  9. Pre-booked Samsung S20+ Offer : Samsungs Buds at 1999 Holi set to get colourful based on dispatch timeline 7 March onwards
  10. Following this flip flop for a really long time now ...
  11. * Delhi Govt kindly exempt Registration and Road taxes at the earliest ,lot of bookings of EVs are being cancelled just on this basis