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  2. Best petrol buy under 8L

    iGNIS diesel production stopped due to poor sales . Dealers offering huge discounts on available stock. Avoid it still.
  4. Pics of Modified cars in INDIA
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  6. Handling Charges still charged by Tata motors

    Scan the internet There have been instances in past where few showroom licenses have been suspended on this issue of illegal charges. Two showrooms of Hyundai in Hyderabad had their licenses suspended over the issue few years back as per an internet story. Get in touch with the RTO and make a formal complaint there . These showroom people will always try to push these charges , it's upto you how how strongly you feel about the issue. FYI it's a prevalant issue most of us overlook while being excited about the choiced car purchase, knowingly perfectly well that we can walk off from the deal anytime and go to another showroon / manufacturer anytime.
  7. End of the road for the Santro and Spark
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  11. Current Vehicle Recalls
  13. The Gadgets and Gizmos thread!

    Thanks again Yes 6 GB variant is readily available in stores , should be able to source the 4GB one by tomorrow. Moreover increasing 4gb variants prices also would drive the 6gb variants desirability because now the difference in pricing is narrowing People were giving the 6 GB variant a miss because earlier who would wants to pay 3 K more for 2 extra GB . If the price difference decreases further the 4gb variant will loose all its edge .
  14. The Gadgets and Gizmos thread!

    Thank You for such a detailed reply. I will gun for the Note 5 Pro 4 GB variant if you say its the best one around , its now priced at 15k (14999) starting 01 May 18 PreOrdering , I guess will take a lot of time, will start scanning Dealers who I guess will be willing to make some extra money out of it, if availability is such an issue. Hoping to grab one soon.
  15. The Gadgets and Gizmos thread!

    Suggest a phone below 20 K , did you get a phone recently in this range , do share here. Planning to buy one by this weekend.
  16. VW emission scandal
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  18. Current Vehicle Recalls

  19. Source :Facebook image message
  20. Current Vehicle Recalls
  21. Source Hindustan Times Newspaper Dated 21 March 2018
  24. Current Vehicle Recalls