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  1. would you tell me how to include photos in your posts
  2. Dear Doctor, Alls well. No matter how hard Ford tries with its new Fiesta Automatic it woudnt bring the numbers for it. I remember last december they were offering a discount of 75 Thousand on the Petrol Fiesta while during the same time Verna were being booked for 80 Thousand with a waiting period of 10 months ( had myself booked one then and am still awaiting delivery) These fords are build to last but dont have the interiors to match
  3. Contents From Ford india website : First in Segment Hill Launch Assist and Ford Grade Assist Technology Unlike traditional automatics, the Fiesta PowerShift features an intelligent braking system. Hill Launch Assist holds the car in place for 2.5 seconds, preventing it from rolling back on slopes. Grade Assist allows you to move down a slope at a comfortable speed, without having to use the brakes. While going downhill, the innovative Grade Assist function when engaged extends the engagement of lower gears
  4. Corolla Altis - Genius inside. Gorgeous outside. Toyota Corolla Altis Automatic : Available in Petrol version only Automatic Transmission Type : Super CVT-i with 7-speed Sequential Shiftmatic Models that come with Automatic Transmission : 1) 1.8 G 2) 1.8 VL
  5. space is really low on both the second and third row. Would prefer it to go 6 seater with the second row as captain seats its only suited for small distances for longer ones be prepared to disembark crippled from the experience
  6. dear born2cruz, is there a specific time period for these things to get replaced or do we have to do it all the time ( on regular services) Have never maintained an automatic and thus my question to you . Also one more thing , like in regular cars (STICK SHIFT) people say that the way you drive affects the clutch plate and thus its wear tear is your responsibility but in an automatic the clutch is engaged by the car mechanics and you dont have any role to play , so in all respects the manufacture should be responsible for this and such /these items be covered in manufactures warranty Just a thought My limited interactions with an automatic up until now have given me no experience about how much a service of these things cost , if someone has a rough idea so share here , i am talking in money terms. regards ankur
  7. Dear Doctor , You find it funny , i was having second thought for taking my vehicle for a long commute through the Leh (ladhak) sector. Have done it in other offroaders before but never with an automatic which is not 4wd and knowing the roads there , your heart would pop out several times in a row. Yes , other people have also given me similar reassurance that automatics are safe and thus have decided to take the leap , lets see whats in store for me.
  8. just a faulty drain pipe of the AC , nothing to do with the CNG kit at most what could have happened is that they could have disturbed / obstructed the drain pipe leading to this drip
  9. TOYOTA FORTUNER AUTO - A review by Autocar India for a newspaper Ahead-on look at the Fortuner will give you the impression that this car is all new. Sharp lines replace the outdated rounded forms, and the wider wraparound headlights and chin give it a fuller-looking face. With cuts on the bonnet bumper and chin, this Toyota SUV looks more like the higher-end Land Cruiser though. Toyota has updated the cabin of the Fortuner, and though it hasn
  10. request to Suggest best GPS Tracker for my car something on the lines of Micro VBB Navigator which does not require frequent sms to convey location and uses phone gprs to give live feed on a website telling live position of the car on a map or the cheaper Amsaki which requires manual sms inputs suggest alternate models
  11. Fleecing by car dealers Some time back there was an article in the newspapers where it was claimed that car dealers levying charges towards 1) Handling 2) Loading 3) Unloading 4) Stocking were unauthorised by the law. Charges were in the range of 3500-25000 per car The transport department has also turned a blind eye towards this fact . High court had sent a notice to transport department about this. Is anyone following up the story ?
  12. it looks are a rip off the honda jazz a bit of ritz with an extra pair of seats one ugly looking car
  13. just wondering if going downhill and uphill on an automatic is as safe as a regular vehicle. The task involves so many inputs , i wonder if an automatic is able to master the art or does a regular car outperform Let me explain what i mean , you would have encountered on a steep incline you need to shift the car into a lower geear and shift into 1st or second if it still does not work, or after stopping and starting. Does the automatic understand what we want it to do? are automatic cars safer for hilly commutes / are they as reliable as the regular cars for such terrain Which car would you choose if you had to go hiking on a car (automatic or regular)
  14. thanks doctor, as i see this list closely i see a lack of diesel automatic suvs , below 15 lakh price bracket just one to be presise Scorpio AT
  15. AAA (All about automatics) Automatics are everywhere starting from the humble Maruti Astar to the more expensive lot I am starting this thread so that experienced boarders can pitch in and help us understand what it takes to own an automatic besides price that is always a point of contension Entry Level Automatic cars in India Maruti A star - Fuel Type - Petrol Hyundai Santro - Fuel Type - Petrol Hyundai i 10 - Fuel Type - Petrol Premium Automatic Hatchbacks Hyundai i 20 - Fuel Type - Petrol Entry Level Sedan Automatic Maruti SX4 - Fuel Type - Petrol Ford Fiesta - Fuel Type - Petrol Hyundai Verna- Fuel Type - Petrol and Diesel Volkswagen Vento - Fuel Type - Petrol Skoda Rapid - Fuel Type - Petrol Sedan Automatics Volkswagen Jetta Skoda Laura Chevy Cruze Premium Sedan Automatics Volkswagen - Passat Entry Level SUV Automatic Mahindra Scorpio 2WD - Fuel Type - Diesel Mahindra Scorpio 4WD - Fuel Type - Diesel Premium Suv Automatic Toyota Fortuner - Fuel Type - Diesel , now you all pitch in
  16. i have a sept2011 booking for swift zdi , anyone interested
  17. everyone terms it to be a giant killer but i dont see how just by introducing a cheaper , smaller version of the Innova can kill the giant.Xylo did it to no effect , and now maruti is trying its hands its more like the poor mans innova , not innova , the segment benchmark and leader for as long as i can remember and still is even now.
  18. it happens to me all the time . next time when getting out of the car try to close the door with the window glass instead of touching ant metal framing of the door it works for me
  19. thanks for your reply , Have been waiting long for any new suv automatic under 15 lakh After a long wait when i could not find any other alternative booked this one , strangely they also have a waiting of two-three months in delhi , say this is only made on order The price is hefty close to 13.75 for the 2WD and even higher for a 4WD am alos planing for a Micro VBB Navigator in this , your inputs are awaited. ankur
  20. Dear Experienced boarders, tell me what you think about the Scorpio Automatic ? What security system would best suit this specific car/suv ? What are the must have accessories for this car/suv ?
  21. Suggest a GPS + GSM security device for my New Scorpio Automatic , i want a reliable brand that does not void the warranty of my car