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  1. I have fitted K&N air filter on my Hyundai i20 purchased from Reliance Autozone. I have a doubt if it was installed properly as there is a slight gap between the air filter box cover and bottom part. Will this affect the performance of the air filter. The gap is not that wide. Do I go and check this with a proper mechanic as this filter was fitted by the Reliance Autozone attendant?
  2. @librankur This might sound funny to you as nothing happened as planned earlier A mechanic drove my car while I was sitting along side him, he mentioned the RPM going up while changing gears is normal operation of most cars especially Hyundai cars. The RPM goes up couple of hundred RPMs so that the car does not stall. RPM stays up for few seconds and comes down while changing gears is normal. When I heard this from an engineer I got convinced as came back home. @librankur : Have you observed this thing in your cars, especially in the lower gears???
  3. @Akholic : I've been to the Bhosari workshop with this issue earlier and that's their main workshop for Sanjay Hyundai @librankur Thanks for the advise, I will give them this issue in writing and take back a acknowledgement copy with me.
  4. @librankur Well I am taking the car to the dealership and the service engineer has mentioned he will check the car with the computer to change some settings. @librankur: Anything particular he has to look out for?
  5. @librankur Yes the engine becomes very hot after a long drive.
  6. Also I would like to know the damage this may have on my car???
  7. Thanks a lot, will follow up with the dealership asap and get my car checked by a regional engineer.
  8. I had gone to Hyundai dealer for 3rd free service and mentioned this issue, mechanic stated he has diagnosed the issue with the computer however I dont see an improvement, I am planning to escalate this matter with Hyundai Motor India ltd.
  9. Hi, I own a Hyundai i20 sportz bought about a year ago and I am experiencing a wierd issue with the car. Whenever I am depressing the clutch to change gears mainly from 1st to 2nd vice versa or from 1st to reverse vise versa(main problem here) the RPM shoots up to nearly 1500 to 2000 sometimes. Now bear in mind that I am not depressing the throttle its just the clutch. As per my understanding when clutch is depressed rpm should not go up it should only go up when throttle is depressed. Please help me in understanding as to why this would happen when I am not depressing the throttle in anyways???