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  1. For me it was Fusion. I even thought of buying one, but then.... Praveen
  2. Did u get your paint job done in Chennai? if so where?
  3. I can imagine 5u3zEr0 on a winding road on the beach side, with his fav track playing in the background. Thats life maan!! Very meditteranean color. Brilliant. Praveen
  4. The Punto is a totally different car from Grande Punto. The old Punto looks more like an alto and was not a big success. Grande Punto has not replaced the old punto, but is sold alongside and has been quite a success. But with Fiat still being considered a bottom ten manufacturer, it may take some more succcessful models to come back into the reckoning of being a big player - As they say - one sparrow does not make a spring
  5. Adi,that was one of the best posts in this forum - makes a very pertinent point. All service centers are looking for making money in the short term - there is no thought of building customer relationship. Same culture across the country. The so-called cut throat businessmen from the far-east and south-east have better sense as my friends staying there inform me. I've changed 3 service stations for my car and 4 service stations for my bike in the last 3.3years!! Nowadays, am more worried because, Indian companies are taking over more business around the globe - Will they export the same culture to these companies also??
  6. This has happened to me. I was on the right lane near the median in my indica having just overtaken a moped ( u need to give a wide berth for these guys u know), when I saw a coralla speeding up in my rearview mirror on the same lane. As a "good guy" i put the left indicator and moved to the left, but by that time, this corolla guy also had ended up behind my tail on the left side itself, trying to overtake me through the left,squeezing between me and the moped. Nothing bad happened, but i was grinning at the stupidity of the whole thing. Nowadays am in two minds, whether to move left or stay put!!!
  7. Maruti was a company that would have died a natural death if suzuki had pulled the plug during the tussle between suzuki and govt earlier - cos they did not build up any R&D worth its name in the 2-1/2 decades. Now that Maruti is part of suzuki, it does not matter - and also they are now similar to Ford or a Hyundai - not pure indian companies Whereas the Tatas, M&M and also Bajaj are following the path taken by the early Japanes manufacturers, by being able to stand on their own legs. But they need to study Japanese evolution closely for Japanese never compromised on quality But all the above aside, as a pure manufacturing company, my vote would definitely go for Maruti among all Car companies now in India including all firangis
  8. Normally am just a viewer in this forum. However for this topic i thought i had some views As far as i know, there is not much of a tax difference between a locally manufactured car in a developed country or in India. And in fact the profitability margins for Japanese companies are much better in US even when the cars are manufactured in US itself than when manufactured in India and sold locally. The reason the auto majors are queuing up in India is only because of the future potential so that they do not miss the boat and not for making immediate money. Of course it is a different issue when you manufacture here and export, when you take advantage of the low cost of manufacturing The real reason is much more complex like purchase power parity, economies of scale - I read in some Auto mag that in the future car prices in India may come down to that of the developed countries, but by that time the a kg of tomato may cost Rs. 200 The question is are we ready for that? For example : Pay the same as what a New Yorker pays for parking? Just a thought... Cheers
  9. A cust??? not A dear but Many who know the true color of SKoda regards' date=' priya[/quote'] Am another one to join the list!. I had asked for help in thinking me through in deciding a premium hatch elsewhere in this forum - but the above has made me decide against the fabia for sure Praveen
  10. Hi guys, am Praveen from Chennai It was disappointing to read the ET news reg the Grande Punto. I was expecting it to be launched by Mid-Sept '08 and was thinking I of waiting till then for my upgrade to a bigger car. I was looking for a Rs 5-6L hatch with a good rear bench, but not too underpowered. Maybe I should now wait for the Fabia or try out the Ford Fusion? Folks - Can u help my thinking process?