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  1. Go to an expert for such installation. In case you want a good sound opt for the best sounding system kits form makers like Harman or Bose! Spending extra will be worth it. But, first take your car to an expert to get the system requirements and sounds checked.
  2. The cars you have listed belong to different cateogries yet in same price range. Amaze is a good car and the petrol enigne it comes with is class leading. The performance it gives and the fuel efficiency figure for a 90ps engine are really respectable and worth it. Amaze is a sub four meter notchback and if you need a car that could fit in your family in comfort for long and short stints and also carry some more luggage at same costs of ownership then opt for Honda. But you will have to ditch the driving pleasure that you get in a small hatchback like swift. Swift on the other side is a fun hatchback, front seats are superb, petrol motor is willing to redline performance and the cockpit is designed for the driver to have some enthusiastic driving around. The car is really good to drive and the handling ride combo will make you go crazy for it;s price. But, on the downside you have ti leave behind the practicality of space and boot size that Amaze offers you. Carrying family in Swift is kind of cumbersome especially for the rear passengers. Also Swift enjoys the renowned Maruti's peace of mind ownership but Honda is not far behind and has now achieved nearly a same level of ownership backup. Buying a Honda would not be a bad decison at all. Choose wisely!
  3. I own an Activa, although, i dont ride it unless necessary to bring grocceries but my mother and sister ride it. It's 20 months old and has done only 4000 kms. The engine will set up nearly around 1,500 kms but the fuel efficiency figures also depend upon the conditions your ride and the way you ride. Suden power will affect the fuel efficiency figures also get the scooter properly checked again at a different experienced service station (perferably Honda) Mine give more than 40 in any conditions.
  4. The choice depends upon your usage of vehicle. If daily commute is your priority plus you need some plenty of space for long weekend trips with family and a usable size that is easy to park and have an engine that is reliable and cost efficient to run than you can opt for the Renault Duster or Nissan Terrano. Both cars are same underneath but there is a difference of badigng. Renault Duster has been in the market from a long time now and soon is going to get a mid life facelift bu again the time for that is not comfort. Being present in market from such a long time Duster has created it's own niche and the resale values of Duster has gone much higher. So choosing between Duster and Terrano. I woould suggest to go for the Duster which also now has recnetly been launched with a four wheel drive system in case you like off roading ocasionally. Scorpio has undergone through a hosts of changes from chassis to interiors. If you need an utterly proved big heavy SUV and you like to travel with your family more oftenly or like off roading then opt for Scorpio. Big powerful engine and plenty of torque would never make you feel less over power. Comfort, space, power are it's main highlight's. On the flipside you have high service costs and parts costs plus the fuel efficiency would leave you wanting much and much more. So dpending upon needs you can opt. Talking of options, at this range, you have Tata Safari Storme and again it's an Full Flash SUV and not an Urban SUV and car mix like Duster and Terrano. Choose wisely!