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  1. Hi all, I recently purchased A-Star Auto Transmission 2012 model, which has OEM head unit & 2 front door speakers. The output of the OEM head unit is not so good. I want to upgrade the speakers & head unit also. I usually listen to Rock, House music. Budget: 25K to 50k I want to know following: 1. I want to add 4 inch components in the Dash Board. Which is the best company? 2. I want to add 4 no.s of new 5.25 inch speakers in front & back doors. Which is the best company? 3. Do I have need to add amplifier for above setup? 4 channel or 2 channel? 4. Which will be the best head unit for above set up? With Bluettoth & USB connectivity. 5. Also I need to do dampening all the four doors and boot. How much does it cost? Please suggest me good installer for above upgrade in Pune. I am also ready to get it done in Mumbai. Thanks in advance.