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  1. Just got the delivery of my new i20 Sportz Diesel on 17th Oct,12 at Jalandhar Now looking for good quality seat covers..if someone can advise & any other things like if i should go for 3 D mats or any other add on which can be done to a already a feature rich car..
  2. Finally got i20 Sportz day before yesterday in silver colour....looks very smashing Today hit the rubber on the road on long drive of 200 Kms..excellent & end less list of features... Interior fit & finish Superb - i think no other manufacturer come even close to such quality in this segment.. Engine very silent & refine.. Steering too light...
  3. Hi Looking for a diesel car in the budget of 7.5 lacs ( presently having i10) igen i20 Sportz - Excellent Exterior,interior,features but a bit doubtful about the engine in the long run.. Dezire VDI - Good car,decent interior,...but wtg period of 4 months ( although i have booked one 2 month back but will able to get in Jan or Feb,13) & moreoevr in the same price not egtting enough features like i20 Also explore Renault Pulse - Found excellent in terms of engine response, looks,ride but doubtful abut after sales service support & resale value after 4-5 years.. In fact also explored Duster found the same superb but will increase the budget by 3 lacs hence ruled out.. Polo was on my list but ruled out due to very unrefined engine during the test ride. Plz guide as i want to take the decision in next 1-2 days so that i can get my car before Diwali if it is not Dezire..
  4. Hi Thnx..plz specify if there is major problem with AC of i am quite satisfied with AC of i10..
  5. I found the exterior & interior of i20 far better than Dezire which is neither a hatch back nor a sedan so i am a bit inclined towards with new i20,any wrong feedback about i20..also not looking for 7 seater as our is small hatch back is fine with us...plz suggest
  6. I m also looking for my next car..currently driving i10 from last 4 years now wants to upgrade to Diesel car in the bracket of 7 lacs..looking for good interiors,comfort,fuel efficiency & reliable product..getting confused between new i20 Sport & Dezire Zdi as price difference is only 20K between the two..