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  1. thanks Dr Nishu @goenkakausal - please guide me to the thread that you are referring to. many thanks
  2. My Fiesta Sxi is due for tyre change... looking for recommendations on the same. I had got the rims and tyres changed to the Fiesta S OE alloy rims and Goodyear NCT5 tyres (195/55r15)... Though am quite satisfied with the performance of NCT5, am looking at getting some other brand as replacement... basically looking at a mix of performance, non noisy, good mileage. Had opted for Yokos Advan db for my accord and am quite happy with them on all these parameters but they don't come in this size. The alternative are Bridgestone Potenza, Yoko S Drive or continue with NCT5...
  3. need recommendation for replacing the tyres of my Fiesta. It currently runs on 195/55r15 Goodyear NCT5 and has clocked 45K, due for replacement. The alternatives that I have in the same size are - Yokohama S Drive, Bridgestone Potenza GIII and Goodyear NCT5. I am looking for good handling, non noisy, good mileage etc. which should I opt for?