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  1. and yes.. on a very honest note... the mahindra scorpio doesnt offer anything more than street presence.... and for the price the innova g4/V is surely worth buying unless you want 4wd . thers nothing the innova cant do better than the scorpio in 2wd on the road and maybe even off it... and when i say toyota reliability ... trust me.... its worth every rupee.
  2. its just a matter of time before you see the current crde engine in a souped up bolero... mahindra .... to maruti... they all do it... and honestly thers no point in apying extra for bells and whistles.... unless they are really valuable like a full time 4wd / abs / traction control / vsc...etc instead of tyre guage and temp meters and other fancy gadgets... disco welcome licghts and the follow me home... most pple in metros live in apartments and honestly they dont need lights to follow them home unless they lived in a villa in the middle of nowhere and everywhere... sadly.... these bells and whistles arent even offered as an option and neither are any special safety features which in a vehicle like scorpio( the dancing queen) at 100+ speeds will be a real life saver for the occupants.
  3. i wonder how much a difference will the new tech make on a 4wd.... 60kgs less weight ..... the scorpio dont crawl well on 4wd low with less traction... you need to rev up a bit to around 1600 which risks getting bogged down.... more so on an uphill.... the m hawk seems no different.... they never let yu test a 4wd.... handling is still scary no matter wat ur report says... its not confidence inspiring..... its just turned from a compromise to a better compromise.... still a compromise though. i wonder how much of the fancy electronics will stil; continue to work after a good mud bath or after 20-30k kms.... the tire pressure indicator is good only if it continues to work thru the life of the vehicle for atleast 2-4 yrs which most buyers wud use.... or else it may jus serve as another sales gimmick.... back end pitches under heavy breaking..... its more like a dancing queen..... its not very high on maintainance though and after sales is fairly good.... thers no way they can increase the space either unless they stretch it like a bolero xxl or somethin.... thers only so much bread you can fit in one box.....unless ud life em sandwiched.... looks are personal issue.
  4. Hi all, Its J from Mumbai. Drive a Landcruiser prado vx. Exploration specialist. drive cross country, interstate and where roads arent heard of. Also own a P180 which i use to ride to the bread shop to buy a loaf. 2 dogs are my family . Sometimes travel with me. Id rather spend money on fuel than on clothes.