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  1. Thanks to all for your responses. I have got it rectified considering the suggestions. Yes, It the drain pipe which was displaced. Now it is fine. Regards
  2. Hi, I have recently installed CNG kit in my 2003 model Zen. The spare wheel has been fixed vertically in the boot. And I was informed that, speaker tray can't be fitted in the boot. Thus the speakers in boot were fitted in two separate boxes(loose position) and are kept on the cylinder. Resultant those boxes keep on moving left right whenever the cars passes bumpy road. More than this, they don't look good in that position. I have following questions 1) What is the recommendation position for the spare wheel, for the cars having CNG cylinder. i.e. vertical or horizontal under the cylinder. Somebody said, if the spare wheel is kept under the cylinder, and the cylinder needs to be raised. Doing so, will put extra load on the chasis(when the breaks are used, when the car is running fast). 2) If i decide to continue with the existing position(i.e spare wheel fixed vertically), can I have the tray installed in the boot. Who can provide custom fitting in Delhi? Is there any other alternative arrangement? I don't want individual speaker boxes over the cyliner. Thanks
  3. Hi Friends , this is Rajeev from Delhi, I am glad to join this forum today. Thanks
  4. Hi..I am user of Zen(Old Model). Recently I have installed CNG kit into my car. Now for the last 3 - 4 days, I am observing water falling down inside car (below dashboard on the car floor, in front of left,front seat). What could be the possible reason behind it?