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  1. Whoa. ☺? This is easily one of the best tastefully modified baheno I've ever seen . By the way do you have any info if any alteration s have been done under the hood or is it completely stock (I would rather be disappointed if it hasn't got the go to match it's show) .
  2. I agree with KarthickB if u can u should wait for the new XE it shows to be quite a promising product . As for ow the new e class and the bmw X3 are the leaders in their respective classes .
  3. If you could wait there is a all new superb coming and its debut in geneva motor show shows it to be a promising product.As for now i would lean towards the Santa Fe.
  4. From your shprtlisted cars the ciaz zdi and the tje dustet Rxl makes the most sense . The ciaz scores over the city just bcs of features and not on driving and handling forte where the rapid is in a class of its own . You could also consider the ecosport ecoboost as it is a promising package and has a edge over duster Rxl. The ford kocept will take approximately a year or half to be launched and you could expect it in the festive season or in first half of 2016
  5. City all the way it is a far better choice and excels in every area you mentioned except the styling forte where the verna has a advantage. City is a comfortable car and the sv model comes with enough goodies to play with.
  6. Front design vastly improved but the rear seems it has been stretched too far and looks a little ugly. Hopes it comes with a lot more godies andvwith same price tag . Ecosporr beware . :-)
  7. Not a way to take revenge on your huasband Were she out of her mind I could curse her whole life.......... But still there is a sly smile on my face LOL
  8. Yes apache is the best choice right now You may also wait for the upcoming par 200ss and would be a promising product
  9. Yes vikky I do have fog lamps and my primary purpouse is more illumination rather than show and as we all know figo headlight bulbs are weak and nighties are not properly illuminated Could you please attach some pics of your car from different angles
  10. It rather looks like a overgrown hatchback than an SUV Though the blackened roof looks nice. :-)
  11. Hey Guys I have a pre-facelifted ford figo and i feel that its headlight feels weak for highway driving I am thinking of upgrading bulbs and changing to phillips blue vision ultra h4. I compared them to Phillips x treme vision and osram nightbreaker and found them superior. Any suggestions