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  1. @Libra, That's a regular scene at VW Thane. Atleast I have witnessed one customer speaking on top of their voice on every visit. And I visit them every couple of months for something or the other. Currently its the engine vibrations and misfiring. They just can't seem to solve that.
  2. Excellent write up. Highly informative. Just did a Mumbai- Goa- Mumbai last week and I can certainly confirm that there are too many idiots on our roads. ( Not that I needed this trip to realise that) Is there a way to eradicate or reduce reckless driving and infuse some common sense. My major concerns with driving in India are( its my time to vent a. Lane driving/changing - is there a concept or a law which asks slow/heavy vehicles to keep extreme left. If there is then why are heavy/slow vehicles driving on the right and other heavy vehicles trying to overtake from left. As a fellow road user how can I educate them not to do that? b. Overtaking - Why are cars overtaking on hills and curves, isn't that too dangerous, aren't they worried about their lives if not what about the other road users who are minding their lane and being safe. Why are they jeopardising other people's lives. c. Speeding/Racing - For some reason I found puny cars trying to achieve top speeds and one could certainly realise the extreme stress the car was under. why not get a capable car?
  3. @Vikky, Great work on your car. What products do you use?
  4. Finally a response. Thanks. Hi Prancing horse, Is the route you mentioned good (surface wise)? Also, a couple of friends are comprehending doing this trip on their bullets? Any recommended place for a nights halt?
  5. Hey Guys, Finally, a road trip to Goa is on the horizon. Since this is my first road trip to Goa I needed some suggestions in terms of safe petrol pumps and routes. Here is the itinerary:- Start 29th or 30th April early morning and reach Goa before sunset. Return 3rd May. Pax- 8 Cars - 2 Need suggestions for the following:- 1. Safe fuel pumps (preferably COCO) 2. Route from Mumbai (Western suburbs) 3. Veg restaurants in South Goa. 4. Self drive car (We only have one car ready, one of my friends' car met with an accident and is in the bodyshop) Any other useful suggestions would be appreciated.
  6. Hey Sstar, Have you got the new car? Which one did you get? Did you td the Tjet and Vento TSI back to back? What are your thoughts?
  7. Anusha, Are you suggesting that JK and MRF are softer than Bridgestone? I have a few friends in Bangalore and they never complained so much about tyres and stiffer ride. Will check with them if they are facing similar issues. I think you should also put Apollo Acelere in the mix. They are doing duty on my polo at the moment and provide a balance ride if not the best. I drove a friends polo fitted with Michelin XM2 and the ride quality is on another level, not to mention the decreased road noise. Still getting the Apollo over Bridgestone is considered a downgrade. I have previous experiences with Bridgestone and Good year and I would really not recommend Goodyear to you.
  8. So it's been two days since I dropped my car off at the workshop, still no word from them. They are asking me to pay Rs. 200 if I want my car dropped off to my office. After such pathetic service experience they have the moral high ground to ask for money. I will have to today agree with claims of my Canadian friend who has travelled extensively in India, that the word service is almost non existent.
  9. Why are you downgrading from Bridgestone to JK? 42k is a decent performance by any standards. Why not get Bridgestone Potenza or Michelin XM2 or Hankook or Yoko. Your tyre dealer is the best person to throw some light on the tyre pressure query. You can check the ideal upsizing recommendation on changemytyre.com
  10. Congratulations on your new purchase. Activa is a proven product. No need to worry at all.
  11. @Vikky, I escalated the issue to the service head of VW Thane. He offered pick up and drop services, but I do not trust their drivers at all. I have seen the way they test drove my car with me in it, it speaks volumes. The way they treat your car, It's heart breaking. I am sparingly using my car. I did not use my car at all last week. With all the work responsibilities its hard to leave work in the middle of the day just to drop off your car. I am looking at affecting at least two work days, plus I am really skeptical of leaving my car behind overnight.
  12. Wow.. its a tough one because the only car I can think of that will carry 6 passengers with reasonable comfort for the third row passengers is the Innova. What you will get is a good resale and reliable machine. You can look at used cars or stretch your budget a bit for a new Innova. Toyota is also planning a refreshed Innova like SUV it would be wise to wait for such release. Your second option is Mobilio, again it is a cheaper alternative to Innova but we don't know how it is going to age. Innova has an upper hand in this department because it has proven its worth in Indian market and can pretty easily absorb India conditions. XUV has some niggles so its best to avoid. You can learn more about XUV reviews from several auto forums.
  13. I have the Jupiter and Activa i both. It's really hard to choose between the two. Jupiter feels mature and planted and I would say has an engine that is falling a little short of the activa's in terms of acceleration. But sure is a winner from TVS. Sorry cannot comment on the Mahindra Rodeo.
  14. She is a looker.. This will change the entire complexion of this segment.
  15. Hey Guys, Thanks for your response. I don't know if it would be very wise to raise the issue to VW India just yet. The advisor so far has been helpful but unsuccessful in resolving my problem. He keeps giving me appointments without paying a heed to my time and resources. I called up the concerned workshop but the service advisor is on a leave until 8th Sep also they are asking me to leave my car overnight, but I personally feel that is not going to help as I seriously doubt their attentiveness to check my car for misfires in cold condition. Now it is too much trouble to leave the car at the workshop in the evening plus travel 30 kms back home without my car. In addition travel another 30kms to the workshop the following day. And what if the problem still persists? I feel the workshop should provide pick up and drop service if they s**w up royally.
  16. Hello all, I recently got my second service done at Global Gallerie, Thane for my VW Polo. It was just another routine service. I was so happy that my car has not had any problem in two years of ownership. As a gesture to honour my request I was allowed to witness the entire service procedure with irregular and brief explanation of processes by the mechanic. All was going good until the mechanic dropped one of the spark plugs on its head. As rudimentary as they are in their approach and thinking and I am not bashing anyone here but that's what he was like, he did not change the spark plug inspite of me requesting it. As many would have heard the standard response "Sir kuch nahin hota hain, yeh company wale aapko darate hain". I did not want to say much if the car was working fine so I waited for my turn to test drive the car. On start up I noticed increased vibrations and engine misfire. It was like engine was running out of breath. I immediately informed the advisor and he delegated the job to a senior technician. The customary search began with the on board diagnostics and within 5 minutes they found the culprit and it was the spark plug. Now I know that you are supposed to change the spark plug and not fix its head and replace it. As unfortunate as it may sound but the task to replace the plugs were assigned to the same mechanic who had sc***d up in the first place. To my surprise and shock he did not change the spark plug but tried to fix it with a hammer. The misfiring ofcourse was not noticable then. The very next day I start up my car only to find increased vibrations and continuous misfiring. I called up the advisor and he ased me to bring in my vehicle to change the plugs. They asked me to wait with my vehicle while the entire process is being carried out. Two dudes came over with a set of spark plugs and replaced all of them. They claimed the spark plugs to be new but I do not remember seeing a invoice for the same. Now if I recall the procedure, no mechanic is allowed to source any parts from the store without an invoice from the advisor. So anyway they changed the plugs and there was no misfiring that was reported by the OBD. I drove off without creating any fuss but filled with skepticism. The following 40 hours or so I did not get a chance to use my car. When I eventually gor the opportunity to use my car, I started her up only to discover that the problem is still not resolved. I took her for a drive and did about 5 kms as I was curious to learn the exact nature of the problem. To my surprise the car does not misfire as much on idling when its at its optimum temparature. Its been three weeks and three visits post service to fix this issue but it is still not resolved. Any advice on this matter is highly appreciated.
  17. It is a tough choice but I think you should go with the Zest. After following the news closely before and after its launch I feel you should give them a chance. Xcent as it is does not seem VFM compared to the Zest. But do test drive the car in several scenarios before finalizing either.
  18. http://www.cci.gov.in/May2011/OrderOfCommission/27/032011.pdf That's the link to the actual report.
  19. Sparetyre, anytime! Sunroof is something one can live with but a spare tyre is something that provides a back up in case your primary tire go flat. If spare tyre is installed using the least amount of boot space it makes more sense to have one.
  20. This is the best time to pick up a car. One of my friends picked up a VW Polo at a very health discount. After a bit of haggling one can safely say he got a Highline for a price of a Comfortline, may be even lesser.
  21. Kamaldeep, We would like to know more about your usage and requirement before recommending any product. There is a new car buying template, if you could post in that thread, you are likely to get accurate responses based upon your preferences.
  22. From the pics it seems like it has a front of the Ertiga and rear borrowed from the new city. Not really winning any trophies for design innovation.
  23. Koreans Japanese Germans Italians +Indians US