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  1. VW Polo ticks the all the boxes. It comes with a 6 year anti perforation guarantee. Not sure about resale. But personally I feel one should not buy a car with resale in mind. Because there is no point in buying something that you do not enjoy at the time of ownership but solely buy keeping somebody else's (2nd owners) preference in mind.
  2. One of my friends has the FH-X759BT installed in his H.City. Personally, I feel it looks very tacky. I guess the Blaunpunkt New Jersey 220 BT is one option. But I don't know where to get it from as I could not find it online.
  3. @Diptanshu Thank you for your suggestion. The new orleans 220 looks good but does not seem to have Bluetooth for phone connectivity or A2DP. Neither does the Sony nor Pioneer. Can you recommend something else.
  4. Vikky, Thank you for your response. But the seller has changed his mind and not willing to sell the RCD 320 head unit, it was sourced through OLX. Happened second time in a row. Hence I am looking for a new double din that complements my dash and can handle phone calls via bluetooth.
  5. Hello all, Advice required to upgrade my head unit on my 2012 VW Polo. I require something that complements the aesthetics of the dash. Budget- 12k Requirement: BT phone capability with A2DP, USB and AUX. Researched a bit and came across a brand called Worldtech available on Olx and ebay. There is one year warranty on the product.
  6. Good job Hyundai! Now all we need is a responsive steering and a mature highway behaviour.
  7. The night breaker unlimited will set you back by about 2-2.2k whereas the Bosch H4 by Rs. 400. Funny thing is their specifications are the same. I have used the Bosch Silver light and you can read my review above, not enough change over the stock ones. I suggest you try the Night breaker unlimited.
  8. Read that a few weeks ago. It was reported in Economic Times. But as far as my memory is concerned they were implementing this change in smaller cities/towns first. If this is implemented, then we will have to buy e10 compatible cars. Think of the amount of vehicles that will be rendered useless.
  9. Do consider sound stream. I wanted a co-axial rear fill for my polo and got a pair for 2.1k with lifetime warranty. Sound quality is pretty decent. You would not regret.
  10. Hello all, So finally I managed to source an RCD 320 head unit for my 2012 VW polo trendline. I was not really aware of any installation issues at the time of purchase but I have come across a few horror stories recently and it causing some concerns. If anybody has any knowledge of installing this unit successfully please do let me know. I am awaiting its delivery but it will be here any time as we speak and I do not want to end up with a dead investment. Problems people faced after the upgrade: 1. Battery drainage 2. Bluetooth A2DP not functioning properly 3. Headunit does not switch off when you remove the car key and has to be manually switched off every time. I happen to speak with Sugesh from Vagtune and he was of the opinion that something called as a "Can bus" cable is required. But, I have read some horror stories that did not end even with installation of the "Can Bus" cable.
  11. Unless there is any supervision, there is no need in revising because nobody cares. I wonder how many people read the speed limit signs placed on SH and NH? There is also specific lane notification for each type of vehicle, but as usual nobody cares. Heavy vehicles occupying the right lane instead of left. One heavy and slow moving vehicle trying to overtake equally heavy and slow moving vehicle and blocking the entire flow of traffic are common sights on National and State highways. Traffic rules and regulations cannot be taught overnight they need to be instilled from the beginning. I feel unless there are fines for breaking speed limits or reckless driving, nobody will ever be bothered with learning and implementing rules.
  12. @leo- that's weird, how can your battery be damaged. Do get a second opinion before getting a new one. Also, I read your review and I must say that you have done a good job in evaluating the pros and cons of the i20. A bit surprised that you considered the Pulse and not the VW Polo.
  13. @Ishanb1, Wish you all the best on your new job. Hope to see some new green initiatives by CII.
  14. @ameya, You will get plenty of used tyre options at a reputed tyre shop. Stick to well know tyre shops in your area and do not fall for their tricks. Some dealers have tendency to misguide and encourage you to pick up refurbished tyres claiming they will run for another 10,000 kms. They will offer you one for as low as 800-1000Rs. Stay away from those dealers. Or you can also look for deals onlilne on snapdeal.com they currently have some discounts going on.
  15. @neel, That's one of the cheap tactics. But I guess an oil change at 1000 kms is too early. Mineral Oils last for at least 4-5k kms. I have never changed my oil before 5k kms on any of my two wheelers. Please check your product manual it should clearly state the oil change interval. Next time if they threaten to replace anything refer to the manual first and make an educated decision.
  16. Is it just me or it resembles the existing Verna? At least in the first picture.
  17. @leo, have you changed your bulbs? They seem whiter than the standard ones.
  18. @leo, Thanks. Keep me posted should you come across something.
  19. Had faced a lot of rat related trouble. They did quite a damage that affected the earthing, the indicator lights and the hazard switch was unoperational. I did try some placing some tobacco (cannot remember the brand) in the engine bay. Would not say it is a fool proof solution but the tobacco smeel does keep them at bay. But we definitely need a sophisticated solution to this ever increasing problem.
  20. @leo, Tried that. But everyone is asking a ridiculously exorbitant price like 12-13k. In my view that is way too much because I can order an RCD 510 for that price. I was very close to closing a deal for 4k but the seller changed his mind and did not want to sell at any price.
  21. I am really paranoid of anybody touching my car, let alone let them play with the mechanical. May be its because of the previous bad experiences I have had. Having said that, the dealers are charging exorbitantly for pretty much everything. Even the so called "consumables" that we have to pay when we avail free annual service is a loot. Internet certainly has helped but once the vehicle is out of warranty and out of free services we all need to find that one reliable mechanic or garage that can take care of your car as you would. Where should one refer to if facing similar situation?
  22. I have a VW Polo and I find the lights highly inadequate. The 100 w Philips rally set up with relay is illegal and so is the HID. I upgraded my bulbs to Bosch H4 Silver light 4100k 55/60. The colour temperature has changed a bit but I could not find much change in the throw and brightness. I initially set out to buy Osram night breaker plus or unlimited but the dealer diverted me to buy the Bosch as the specs were same. Now I am really confused as to how to get better lights. I do not want to go in for any illegal set up as it is a lot of inconvenience to other drivers if the set up is not good.
  23. Hi All, Need your suggestions in choosing a Motorcycle. Please see my requirement below. Budget- Maximum 60,000 Monthly Mileage- 300 kms Preferred Manufacturers- Honda and Yamaha but open to others as well should the product feel superior to what Honda and Yamaha have to offer. Usage- Daily local commute of not more than 10 kms to run errands. Primary user is my father who is now 60 years old. We have always had Hero Honda's in our family hence the preferred manufacturer. I do not want another 100-110 cc in my family as we already have a Passion Plus. Ideally 125-150 cc motorcycle is what we are looking for. Suggestions please.
  24. It's been a while I feel the urge to upgrade my polo's head unit. I was considering the RCD 510 but after learning the pain that I will have to go through during installation plus the effort to install USB/AUX petrifies me. Hence the RCD 320 looks like a reasonable option. If anybody is interested in selling one, do let me know. I am also considering the RCD 510 if the deal is sweet.
  25. Wow, really relevant points brought up by Jithesh and Rameshbabu. Totally agree. It would be so much better if we all knew reputed garages, spare importers etc Would it be possible to make a directory or start a thread?