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  1. @Tejasmehta, could not agree more. It was the product offering by TATA that helped create the said perception within the minds of Indian consumer. To reinforce change within the minds of Indian consumers they will face an uphill battle. I have always had a lot of expectation with TATA, I always thought TATA has the ability to provide what we desire, European fit and finish, frugal Japanese engines with a host of safety and entertainment features at an unbeatable price point. Still feel that day shall beckon upon us.
  2. Went to the Beer and Burger Festival at Woodside Inn, Mumbai. The serve some of the best burgers ever, really sumptuous. Couple that with the best imported beer collection and you are guaranteed a fun night.
  3. Totally agree with you. I find the SX4 to be one of the boring looking cars. Its so dull and not that it's drive compensates for its sad design.
  4. @Leorahi, 20L is too close to Fortuner territory. If the Innova is that pricey they might just lose the whole "T" business. 20L for a car like Innova that is nothing but a people mover (personal opinion, have driven one for a long time) is exorbitant. Innova cannot justify that price tag with its lacklustre engine and truck like gearbox.
  5. For some reason I am not a big fan of Innova's looks and gear box which feels like a truck's gear box. So hopefully they can bring a better looking car with a gear box with less vibrations. I am sure they have the technology to take the Innova leaps and bounds ahead. But as they say make hay while the sun shines. Why give more to Indian consumers when they are satisfied with this. Why make safety features available at competitive price when Indians can pay more for it considering it a luxury.
  6. @librankur, I think that is a much needed move and I hope it is implemented with full force.
  7. Is it just me or the front resembles the Omni.
  8. It is advisable to use a proper car glass shampoo than a regular hair shampoo.
  9. Nice review. Keep it up and congratulations, you will be a father soon... A friend is asking my suggestion on Fiesta classic petrol Titanium. This car was never on his list but the price point is just so attractive that he cannot write it off.
  10. arent Ertigas and Innovas becoming "T" cars?
  11. There are some heavy discounts going on right now. You could look at the Fiat Punto or VW polo and pick up a mid variant post discount. Both the cars have superior built quality and ride dynamics. Ford classic due to its lower price point is also getting a lot of consideration among car buyers in 5-7 Lakh category. If you can elaborate a bit more about your requirements perhaps we will be in a better position to make a suggestion.
  12. the rear looks like fluidic Verna. The quality of materials need to go up for the sales to go up.
  13. Just thinking out loud, is there any tyre upgrade that can be achieved without affecting the odo readings?
  14. tough to imagine this car competing with other segment cars like Dzire and Amaze. But going by your logic of more car for the money we cannot rule out cannibalism. However, you are sure to kill the driving pleasure that a super hatch or a notch can provide. This car is a people mover certainly not meant for any driving pleasure. Unless you are always carrying 5-6 people all the time, it really does not make much sense.
  15. really ugly... What are people thinking. @neerajd, yes, the stretched portion resembles that of the vintage car photo you put up.
  16. Hey Harikuttan, It's a 2012 VW Polo. What's your view on balancing? Should I get balancing done every 6 months as well. my usage is really low.
  17. Hi All, So it's almost 11 months since I got my wheel alignment and rotation done. My car is only 23 months and 12,500 kms old and I have not done any balancing yet. Is this the time to get both alignment and balancing done? I got my last alignment done at 7800 kms. Advice. Also, mumbaikars, any suggestions on a decent wheel alignment centres in western suburbs?
  18. There should not be any issue with using the same oil for 10k kms. VW changes its synthetic oil every 15k kms. I am assuming yours is synthetic if not then semi synthetic.
  19. I wonder why is TATA not making use of the technological advancement available up their sleeves (JLR Group). Why not improve the quality of materials, add safety features and make it an attractive package. I am sure the AMT is not available at the price point they first communicated. Why not improve the overall quality of everything, its all sub par..
  20. @Leo and ra4, From the new breed of top order batters only Kohli in my personal view has shown class and temperament. I do not trust Pujara in English conditions, he has lot to prove overseas. I really wish him success but comparing him with Dravid is like hoping a Swift to perform like a Superb. I just cannot forget the 2011 disaster. Anything better than that and I am happy.
  21. ENG vs IND coming up! Whats the build up with car fans? What does the betting meter look like?