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  1. It's no big deal. Who is creating such a big deal out of nothing. Must be some aunty in her 50's who has nothing to gossip about but that. Cricket is big in India and handful of other nations, not across the world.
  2. Please refrain from using hair shampoo or anyother cleaning material that is not advisable. Stick to reputed car shampoo brands like Sonax, Formula1, Abro. I use Sonax mild car shampoo with Caranuba, works like a charm. It claims to leave a layer of wax with each wash. All I know is that it does its job surprisingly well. Along with that, I use a micro fibre towel to absorb all the water.
  3. I'm getting calls from VW dealers to go for a test drive, but I understand that none of them have a 2011 manufactured Polo for me. They have dried out. I had emailed VW dealers in Nasik, Satara, Thane, Pune, New Bombay, Mumbai downtown. Got a call back from all of them and none of them have a 2011 make. So guys planning on contacting them for these models, save yourself some trouble. @librankur, I remember you are looking for one for commercial purpose. However I found a dealer who has a diesel polo 2011. Let me know if there is availability in your zone. I guess Maharashtra is sold out.
  4. Check under special offers. here is the link http://www.relianceautozone.com/special_offers.html
  5. Thanks guys. @kushal- for instance if I buy a car from Thane and get it to Mumbai, I will need a temporary certificate and for my car to enter mumbai city limit it should have an octroi certificate. Correct me if wrong.
  6. Hi Librankur, Its like I'm chasing you across the forum. Sorry for this stupid question, but are speed 93 and 97 still available? What if we still use them despite of necessity? Is there any functional benefit of using higher octane fuel? I have used Xtra premium extensively after using regular fuel, really cant figure out any functional benefit. I know extra premium is just additives but there has to be some benefit for the extra bucks spent.
  7. These devices like other Garmin devices will have broadcast in Hindi and Indian English. The step was taken to provide easier solution to the users and direct them to their final destination. I like your statement about incorporating Indian English Though its a good strategy but I guess they have failed to consider that we very well understand European and American accents. Thanks for that. Its half the price here. I think after sales for garmin should not be an issue. Its local american companies thats bothering me. Anyway I shall stay clear and look for something available locally. I browsed the reliance autozone website and they have advertised two din touch system for 20k INR. I remember one of the brands was Pioneer.
  8. Sure, its better to check then assume. I guess I can request for a car with temporary certificate and then drive down to Mumbai and get it registered here. Does that happen, or I am just in a fantasy world? I'm not willing to take any chances and certainly not want to invest time in RTO guys, not worth it. If I go to register my car I'm sure it would be something unusual since you wont find many people doing that. I'm sure they would ask for some monetary favours from me before making my life easy.
  9. well, there is no relief for individuals. We still have to pay the existing rates.
  10. Guys, why is there no coverage about the same in news paper or tv? Or have I missed it. I don't see people getting their sun film removed at all. How can I get it removed any way?
  11. Another 3 cyclinder vehicle, I wonder how the public will react to this. There were a lot of speculations about Polo's 3 cylinder pot, however the car is doing really well and does not feel under powered at all (personal view). I have test driven the car twice in the best and worst possible way, no doubt it is doing good. this renault is priced impressively at 5.5 l for top end. Something to cheer about for renault lovers. But I'm not sure about its future since it looks identical to micra, share almost same specification and the latter is offered at a cheaper price point. What do you guys think?
  12. Thanks for the reminder andydandy. I have the same query. Because I dont want to get pulled over by a cop for non compliant of something so minuscule. They know how to blow things out of proportion for no apparent reason and just for some cash.
  13. Sale: $89.9 Garmin - nuvi 40 GPS Model: 010-00990-01 Garmin nuvi 50 GPS Price- 108 $ Model: 010-00991-01 ok, I do agree with you on the after sales part. Again how convenient it is to load our local maps, thats something I am not sure about. Upgrade etc. About in dash navigation, there is a US company called BOSS since 1988, making in dash infotainment, in the range of 300 to 500 USD, and some of them are good ones. But again ASS is an issue and I have never heard about this company before or its products.
  14. @librankur, VW discount update. I have dealt with all the VW dealers in Mumbai, no dealer has a 2011 manufactured polo or else don't want to sell a 2011 make. Also, a couple of them are so arrogant, they are under the impression that they are selling a rolls royce. Anyway they said the 2011 make polos are available in towns like nasik, kolhapur, aurangabad. I shot them an email and got an instant call from vw nasik saying they do not have 2011 make, on 2012 they can offer first year free insurance on trendline and comfortline thats how far they can go as far as discounts are concerned. Is it possible to buy a car from out of Mumbai and get it registered in Mumbai?
  15. @ashikawa thanks for your regular updates on VW. I get most of my info from here. your assessment about vw west was bulls eye. they are inefficient. I'm dealing with this guy since last month and he has never got back to me on time and sometimes never. Not interested in sales i guess. Anyway cant imagine after sales experience if this is the case before purchase.
  16. thanks librankur. i just wrote an email to my consultant about the same. I hope he understands that I'm serious about my purchase. Although he has never replied to my earlier mails. I'm hoping he would this time around. sorry to go off topic with this but I am getting a garmin navigator for 89 USD is it worth picking it up? Also do you think its advisable to go for 2 din in dash entertainment system with navigation? Recommend:- brand, speakers, cost? nothing too exorbitant.
  17. Thanks. I agree with you on that. Anyway can you spare some more details about the discount?
  18. @librankur I'm delighted about the 60k discount on Polo 2012. Bad part is I'm traveling on business, so not in touch with my VW sales rep. However he is very inefficient, he has never cared to reply to my queries and concerns. In fact I am updated about VW pricing and offers through you. In what form are the discounts offered? It better be cash. I saw the GOLF GTI in London looks amazing, I guess we are not going to have that in India. Also, Even the base Polo in Europe comes with airbags and rear discs brakes and alloy wheels as standard. Something our country is very lenient on, safety in cars.
  19. ok.. if you can just let me know the source of alternatively if you can copy paste the matter.
  20. @librankur thanks for the information. will look it up. now the question is how to refuse the charge, I'm sure they will have a story to back up our protest to pay these dubious charges.
  21. where can I find that information for my perusal?
  22. Hi Librankur Are you trying to say that it is an invalid charge? Can you please elaborate? Can I raise this issue with the dealer?
  23. Can anyone suggest a 2 din stereo (with usb and aux)+ navigation + reverse camera for VW polo. My budget is max 9k.
  24. @librankur How did you find that out? They are offering 2 years free insurance, without even asking for it. I thought of transferring my existing claim free insurance to my new car, hoping I would save heavily on insurance.
  25. @ ashikawa THanks for the information. That was really helpful.