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  1. Congrats on ur new wheels...and have a safe drive. just wanted to know when everyone of us know there are braking issues with Swift\Dzire models which are without ABS then why are people still going for models without ABS. Swift and Dzire with ABS have a better breaking capabilities and are much more effective as they have brake assist as well.
  2. Shibipvs, Try taking the car to some other hyundai service station. Which service station have you been to address this issue?
  3. yard i mean every dealer has an open space where they keep the cars before they deliver to the buyers that is where they do the PDI (pre delivery check). you can ask the dealer that you want to see the car that is allocated to you. they will let you know the address. you need to go there with the VIN provided by the dealer and show the ppl there, they will then show you the car allocated to you. it is possible that there can be scratches or dents as the cars are parked to close to each other, by dents i mean some minor touchups. I did go the check out my figo and did find a scratch at the left door, which they mentioned happens sometimes while unloading.
  4. after paying the initial booking amount..do make sure you take a look at the car that is allocated to you. its an extra effort that you will have to go to the yard where they keep the cars but its a one time effort. Check for any leaks in the engine, scratches dents etc..whatever you can think off...
  5. surely its a sturdy car....all the best for ur new car.
  6. Thanx Kunal, well the top speed clocked is 140kmpl. I have driven the VW polo diesel. Drove it from lonavala to pune...the drive was good, some how found the polo to make a good amount of engine sound in the first and second gear it reduces as you move on, not sure about the ride of petrol. The steering is too light and did not find it that responsive...compared to Figo (this is personal opinion).
  7. Hi People, Its a great honor to be a part of such team who love and live to drive. Something about myself, Parag Bhide, working with Symantec India. I am a software tester. My love for cars started at a very young age and now when i look at my 4 years old son, he just reminds me of my time while i was that young. Cars cars and only cars in my toys section and same is case with my kido. First car in my family when i was in school was an Ambassador --> later on a Maruti Van. As i grew older the first car that i got was a Zen as i was a die hard fan of this. I drove it for 3 years and then got a new Santro loved it too for its short truning radius and its peppy drive for city, drove it for 4 years. Fun ended and pleasure started with a new Figo pertol. So from all the brands listed the best that i have driven is Figo, ultimate stability/control, minimum body roll and super comfort. Best in class suspension i have ever exprienced (this is personal opinion). The longest drive till date i have had is Pune - Surat - Pune with my Figo and it was a pure pleasure with just one halt for lunch, No fatigue what so ever. I guess i just got carried away, need to stop here. Well thats about it for now. Thanks for reading,