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  1. Any tips on whether the fabia diesel or the petrol variant is good ?
  2. Hello Guys, Thanks for the help on my earlier query on the Scorpio mHawk. In terms of the Fabia is the 1.4 petrol engine a better option than the 1.4 diesel? I am looking at it from both a power and mileage perspective. Autocar review mentions that the diesel engine is under powered at low revs, but they do not comment on the petrol variant.
  3. I am considering buying a scorpio but I am not convinced about the high price tag for the mHawk. I care for the new engine and the better handling but do not care for the other bells and whistles. Is there a possibility that M&M might bring the mHawk engine into the lower variants like the Sx and DX? Surprisingly I havent seen too many mHawk's on the road since launch. If the demand for Vlx is slow will M&M consider putting the engine in the lower variants and marginally bumping up the price? I will appreciate your views.