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  1. I have an Indigo XL Classic Petrol. It rides on JK Radials 175R13. I need to change my tyres. What are the best alternatives? I do most of my driving on good roads, I stay in Delhi so no wet performance required. I drive at low speeds upto 70 kmph. I would like good road handling and isolation.
  2. I have Indigo XL Petrol without alloy wheels. I need to change the tyres now after 4 years. Currently they are running on JK 175/65 R14. What brand should I go for next? I stay in Ghaziabad. I do 70% highway driving. Speeds do not exceed 70. Braking is minimal. Hardly any wet driving. I need good grip and handling, and want to insulate myself from the unevenness of the road.