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  1. Thank you all. It seems like i20 elite might be something I should definitely go check out. For FIAT punto I am not sure about its service/maintanence issues, it didn't seem to pickup as well. As I might be checking out Octavia, I would want my smaller car to be of less service headache. Is new Jazz worth waiting? I liked prior Jazz for its internal size but interiors were bit disappointing and from reviews I read I dont see them improving it or adding steering controls, any other niceties in the upcoming model with reduced price (I hope they do)
  2. Hello All, I am planning on buying two cars in the upcoming year, my total budget is 25L for my purchases of these cars. I live in Aurangabad with miserable road conditions. I want buy one for my wife which would be mostly used by us within the city run abouts and other one which will be used by me, which I would use for my daily commute to the office but also our occasional family outings to places like Goa. Currently my wife uses Santro and I use Verna. We both would love good interiors and like reliability in new cars. In my prior cars I had owned Mazda 626, Jetta, Subaru Legacy and Toyota 4Runner. I loved handling of Jetta and reliability of 4Runner. I am thinking Swift + Octavia but not sure. Any suggestions? Thanks!