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  1. yes its a 3 ltr dicor. i took it to a independent workshop which aint the dealers one so that i can get to lndependent review and guess what these dealer workshops do read on After having that report, I sent a stinker to TML via email narating the whole story and the way dealer workshop tried to act smart and make me suffer to make a quick buck the moment my warranty expired 1. oil seperator went bad as a result of high pcv pressure due to extra 500ml oil on top of recommended level therefore it blew through this seperator into turbointercooler and stuff 2. i need to get the rear bearing seal of engine god knows what that is for leakages due to excess pcv pressure 3. egr valve coked up 4. powersteering leakage from seal 5. filled in lesser amount of gear oil approx 300ml in 20k service 6. again filled lesser amount of oil in rear axle so my new year will start with dicor waiting to be sent for some sort of rectifications. God i am not sure what these things might have done to this poor baby
  2. its a LX 4x2 manufactured on 14 oct and delivered on 19oct 06 Tata are really circus guys. All they want is to sell and dont want to rectify/acknowledge them Even the dealers say that tata doesnt respond properly back Arre bhai agar issue hai to usko acknowledge kyo bahi karte ho @ customers time&money. raste ka saman saste mein. They should overhaul their quality deptt. Infact, its a known fact that if u know someone inside TML, u will get a super quality product else common man like me are passed on lowest quality products I wonder the fate of Jaguar and Landrover
  3. In my last 1 year of ownership of this tata safari dicor, tata