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  1. I think this topic is way off the mark. What percentage of Indians do you think are able to afford cars that cost over 7 lakhs? You don't think that percentage should be taxed? The difference between what the corporate earns and the person with a 'normal' government job earns is disgustingly large. If people who consume at that scale don't pay taxes, who will? And most Indians who are well-off get by not paying as much in tax as they should be - my parents included. It's different in economies where the population is mostly employed and the difference between economic classes isn't this drastic. Also, I think it has something to do with measures dealing with liberalisation... not sure.
  2. Yep. Over to someone else for better questions
  3. I feel like such a girl talking about these things, something like that's never happened to me, guess I'm just too protected. You're right though, people need to be more aware of these things - mostly they just get scared and pay up. I'm not even sure what your rights are if you get caught in something like that. Any lawyers around here?
  4. Dodge Viper XD What SUV was used in the 1972 British Trans-American Expedition to travel across both American continents north to south including the swampland of the Darien Gap?
  5. My junior was gifted an i10 on his 18th birthday (yes, I just want to rant about how unfair it is to us poorer classes) - I wasn't allowed to drive it because he's a prick - but from the way he was going on about it I'd say it's much better than the Swift, at least luxury-wise. The mp3 kicks the Swift's fat behind, and the seats are great even with the stupid plastic covers on. And it looks hotter, and even though the fuel efficiency seems average going by what he told me (I'm not convinced because he's a typical madu), I would go for the i10 if I were you. They're both good cars though, I'm sure you won't regret buying whichever one you decide to buy in the end.
  6. Aw please lets not turn this into an essay question-answer thing. I can't give you any details anyway, I'm a car enthusiast not a mechanic; just wanted to put in my two pice worth: next question already!
  7. I'm thinking the Hillman Minx? Damn, I'm bad at this.
  8. Is it hard for someone who hasn't done automobile engineering but is in a technical field of study to begin a career in say, automobile journalism (or is it called something else?)?
  9. I'm really bad with dates, so I'll leave 1 and 2 for someone else to answer. And I'm taking a guess with number 3 - he started the Swallow Sidecar Company, right? Would it be the Austin Swallow?
  10. How does Daimler even enter the picture? And maybe it's naive of me to ask, but why do I see so many westerners commenting on how this is going to affect the quality of the cars? Sure, it might be difficult for Tata, seeing as they haven't any experience in producing high-end cars, but I hear Fiat's giving them a hand, right? Besides, it's not like the whole staff gets fired, it's only at the top level that the changes take place. White people can be so ridiculously stupid sometimes... even if they stop buying Jags and Range Rovers because they're 'Indian' now, it isn't going to make too much difference to the market. (Is it?)