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  1. congratulations buddy for your new car. i have a map my india vx240 gps navigator since jan 2012.(just see all features on mmi website)it gets mounted on front windshield easily,very good and neat in performance.it also has reverse camera support,and i bought a reverse camera and it is connected to it and working nicely.the whole setup along with fitting charges cost was 17000 rs, (14,500(navigator)+1500(rev.cam)+1000(fitting of reverse cam) in jan,(probably less now). it has almost everything that you need and never disappoints.i have gone to delhi,rajasthan and few places in lucknow till now and i am pretty satisfied with the performance,but two things you must remember that the path it shows is never 100% correct and you have to act sensibly while using it,and the second thing is when you connect its voice output to your music system then the sound quality is poor.(it has a inbuilt speaker too,which is o.k.) parking sensors i don't needed as i had a rev.cam. hope this help you.
  2. @drnishu: i have already bought a new city on 22nd may.i learned through these forums on internet itself that honda cars in india has lowest human casualities in accident cases,even though the vehicles are badly damaged,and honda city manual itself says that they make their cars in such a way that the vehicles takes all the brunt. i will pray to god that honda cars don't prove,people like me,wrong.
  3. it is becoming more and more frustrating.this price rise will result in increase in price of everyday goods too.it is becoming very hard to live in our own country day by day.
  4. hi everyone, need urgent advice regarding foglights for my new honda city s mt model.a car accesory shop owner giving a pair of fog lights for 4500rs.are they good ones?is there any specific brand which i should go for?how much a good quality fog lights cost????
  5. i will be writting my review as soon as i get some free time from my work,may be i could also help someone like me.
  6. @vipul i bought a new HONDA CITY S MT,yesterday,ofcourse i too replaced it with same.i must say when you start earning yourself and have to invest 9-10 lakhs of your hard earned money,there should not be any compromise.i have seen your posts in various forums and people like you are really a hand of help to beginners like me,keep it up,atleast you are satisfied that you are doing something for those who are in need.these forums are really good for first hand knowledge. @bornfree i agree with you absolutely,because god helps those who help themselves.
  7. continued........ my honda city was very good in all respects,everybody at my workplace and home really liked it and then came the night which changed everything. i was returning from a meeting in night at around 11.30pm on 18th march and i met with an accident on highway.the accident was so severe that my car was damaged badly,but thanks to seatbelts and honda engineers that i only had minor scratches.although i am saved but i was not able to see the condition of my car.i wanted to get her back but the insurance guy as well as the dealership guys adviced not to use the repaired car but to buy a new one,so settled for cashloss settlement and waiting now for the final cheque to come.after that i will definitely get a new same to same honda city as i had lost. guys never ever buy a car without airbags and never drive your car without seatbelts on.
  8. hi all, this story starts from july 2011,when i completed my post graduation and joined a corporate hospital.the salary package was good so i decided to buy a car that is safe and comfortable.my search began by delineating the cars according to my budget(7-8 lakhs) and i was a bit mesmerised by sedans(my hospital provides a tata indica for all official work to me,i didnot liked it at all),so i found ford fiesta classic,toyota etios,mauti sx4,maruti swift dzire,tata indigo,and tata indigo manza.i didnot even thought of honda as i was new to all this,i thought honda cars to be very expensive.in my research i came across many forums and many sites showing car comparisons and then only i realised that i can really go for this car (HONDA CITY)too.my head of department in my college had a black honda city,and we all(my colleagues)dreamed of having one,after settling down.well gradually i was more and more bent towards this car and test drove a few vehicles as i had little time to spare after my hospital work.then came the dipawali and still i was not sure how i am gonna collect that extra 1-2 lakhs.then one day i got a call from our honda dealer that some sales guy wants to meet me.i told him that i want to buy one but my budget was too tight,the guy desperately wanted to meet so i told hom to come on my day off.the sales guy was so punctual that he came right on time(i love the people who respect time).he came with a demo car (urban titanium honda city).the guy was so good that slowly he brain washed me and i was convinced of buying only honda city and nothing less.he promised that he will manage everything and i will be having a city in my garage in one month time. that fellow really arranged everything (finance deal,best interest rate,dealer discount,corporate discount,doctors discount)and i got a new TAFFETA WHITE HONDA CITY on 16th december 2011.that day was very similar to the day when my daughter was born.we were all very happy. the overall buying experience with HONDA was so good that i can't say in words.these people are really good at their work. i drove it 8000 kms in next 3 months,never had any big issues.i went to delhi,jaipur,lucknow all by myself(just loved driving it so much that i didn't used my office car for official tours)
  9. Hi,here's my story 1.Maruti 800(2000)-basically not my car but my father's,yet doesnot make any difference,loved it too much.i learned driving on that car.i don't remember a single incident of that car making any sort of problem,my father sold it just because no one was driving it(as both I and bhaiya has to go away for our jobs),other wise she was perfect. Hyundai santro(2006)-this time its my bhaiya's,well this too doesn't make any difference,because i was the one who used it to the maximum.completed my college with her,never really made big issues,had a small accident,that too with a running buffalo,while i was just starting,not much damage though and still fine with bhaiya. HONDA CITY(2011)-Well this was mine,bought it after much of research and calculations,it was like dream came true.we were extremely happy with buying,aftersales response,performance and everything,and suddenly after just three months of buying i had a major accident(nobody was seriously injured,thanks to seatbelts and air bags) and my city was 65% damaged,we settled for cash loss settlement and still waiting for the final payment to come.right now booked another honda city and probably be writting the review in mid june.