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  1. Depends on preferences. For looks, features and style, go for EON whereas for better engine, driveability and mileage Alto is much better. I suggest test drive both of them, specially at turns and bumps, and then decide.
  2. Looks like Ford is feeling the heat of Duster's launch. I got a mail in my inbox from Ford on its engine efficiency. I am sure that Ford wants people to wait for EcoSport before they go ahead and book a Duster.
  3. Come to think about it, he could have bought a XUV with goodies at the price of the registration number which must of us cant afford!
  4. I just changed my stocks in swift 2008 to MRF ZLo 185/70/R14. What shall be ideal tyre pressure in city drive with me as only occupant? In stock I maintained 32 throughout and it lasted 50k kms.
  5. The manufacturers keep the cost down in lower spec models by giving lowspec tyres and wheels. In case of your car Maruti is saving you approx 1000/- per tyre and approx 3000/- per wheel. This reduces the cost of car by 20K compared to the Zxi/zdi models. People upgrade tyres for better handling/comfort/looks without spending money on other luxuries of higher variant. It does not harm the car as you still are using the same specs as used by the manufacturer its higher variant!
  6. I also sent a mail to Maruti customer care alongside my query here and I think it will be of some use to others if I share my experience here. Maruti responded to my mail in less than 12 hours and gave me the phone number of sales manager at PASCO Gurgaon. He confirmed that the mirror is available for INR 683/-. Yesterday I made a visit to Pasco showroom and got it fixed. I must say that Maruti's customer care is indeed of a great help.
  7. Thank you! will definitely check it out if Wagon R option fails.
  8. I need to install prsmatic mirror (day/night mirror) in my Alto K10. Can anyone tell me if the same is available in NCR? Can we install mirror from Wagon R in Alto?