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  1. Just calculate: You will cover the additional cost of Rs. 1+ lakh and additional cost of servicing only when you have driven the car about 65000 km. Going by your driving (25km a day), this would mean 7 years of driving. Take a call !
  2. I owned an Ikon 1.6 Zxi for 6 years. It gave me a good service and an exceptional performance. It has now started giving me problems frequently and the cost of spares is forcing me to let go of the car. I am confused on which car to buy. Ford has discontinued the IKON 1.6. I have not liked any car below 10 Lakh range that I like as far as performance and handling is concerned. This includes Honda ZX Vtec. I liked Verna diesel version to some extent though it does not compare the Ikon in handling though it comes close in pickup and roll. Any suggestions ?